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Cult Classic: Cube 1997

Cube is a 1997 Canadian film directed by Vincenzo Natali and stars Maurice Dean Wint, Nicole De Beur and David Hewlett. The plot centers around a group of people that wake up in a small room with doors on each side of the wall, not realizing it’s a trap.

The movie starts off with four people waking up in a small room. All of them have no idea how they got there or how they are all wearing prison uniforms, When one of them goes to another room, he triggered a trap and are cut into pieces. There are numbers that are near the doorways to the room and the others are trying to figure out if it means something, while also trying to figure out how they will survive without any food or water. They also try to figure out who took them and why, while tensions between them start to rise.

Now, this film is rather intellectual. There are a lot of math problems and a Kafkaesque, which basically means its really bizarre and has a feeling of helplessness, which this film has in spades. The design setting of the cube is so bizarre, each room is different colors, with four doors on each side of the room, not knowing what is on the other side, if it’s safe or not. And to make it worst, the rooms move n their own, so they have no idea if they are near the entrance or not. So, it has the feeling if hopelessness and just all insanity with bizarre rooms.

I saw this movie nearly 10 years ago and I remember bit and pieces of it because it stuck with me all this time. Now seeing it again, all those bits and pieces came back again. Now, this film isn’t so great; it’s interesting, but it’s not Oscar worthy great. The plot and the set are interesting, and people did seem to love it, though it mostly got mixed reviews. It became a cult classic though, spawning a sequel, a series and a remake in the future.  So, if you have a thing for cult movies and bizarre trap rooms, you should watch this.