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Netflix Picking Up New Show ‘Raising Dion’

Netflix has just stated they picked up on a new show called Raising Dion, which is about an African American single mother raising her young son, who has multiple superpowers and tries to hide him from those that want to do him harm.

Raising Dion comes from the imagination of Dennis Lui, a commercial and music video director, who also created the comic book and the short film. Carol BarBee is an executive producer, whose credits include Jericho and Touch. Along with them are several writers, one who is Michael Green, known for his writing in American Gods and Logan.

The plot centers around a widow named Nicole Reese who is trying to raise her young son, Dion, after her husband’s death. She then realizes her son has a multitude of superpowers; from teleporting, moving things with his mind, electricity and much more. Along with her husband’s friend, Pat, they protect Dion to keep his secret and figure out how exactly he gained his powers, along with antagonist that seemed to be watching their every move.

Lui stated that he wanted to create a diverse recreation of a superhero origin from a standpoint we have never seen before. Like Martha Kent from Superman, we never saw her struggles and concern as she raised a son who is much more powerful and stronger than her. It will be an interesting take from an outsiders point of view. Lui also stated that it’s a cinematic experience that will lift family spirits, make them laugh and cry. Cindy Hollands, vice president of original content for Netflix, states that she is excited to see the cast bring to life the imaginative story of Raising Dion.

The show will be 10 episodes long and will be featured worldwide in 190 countries. A release date still has not been released.