Apple Park Showcases Largest Solar Panel In The World

So, Apple just opened a park. Well technically it’s a “Visitor Center,” which has 4 main segments and includes a retail store, a cafe, an observation deck, and a space for an augmented reality experience about the Apple Park itself. This is basically a playground for all you IT lovers out there and if you’re living in Cupertino, California, you just have to pay this technology mecca a visit. Those visiting the sizable establishment will be able to experience Apple Park’s architectural and technological innovations. Visitors will be able to get a first-hand look at their solar energy installation that is apparently the largest in the world.

The megalithic establishment was designed by Foster + Partners and boasts that the visitor center shares similar aesthetics to the main campus such as sprawling staircases, stone walls and terrazzo floors. And according to Apple “visitors can also choose to lift the entire roof off the building to peek inside to the collaborative office pod layout.”

Tempted to visit? Same.

All photos by Apple