Emily Spelman | BLEU

Jaden Smith’s “Icon”

Jaden Smith just came out with a new album called “SYRE” along with three music videos. Just looking at the album artwork his aesthetic is dripping out, as a dreamy poppy but hard album. In the music video for “Icon” we see Jaden in front of a fancy car, with a beautiful sky (that matches the sky in his album artwork). “I need you to listen to the vision” is a line in the song which is almost like you guys need to watch this and you can see what I’m talking about, what the idea for this album is. It’s a very simple music video for a song that is all about Jaden. He’s talking about making his clothing company, being at an award show, getting his heartbroken, etc. He is famous, but that is not because of his parents, he is talented and knows what he’s doing. He’s got a vision and won’t let anyone sway him away from what he’s established for himself, he’s not scared and you can tell that from his music video. It’s amazing seeing younger kids pursuing their dreams and establishing a vision, a look for themselves.