Kobe Bryant’s Signature Sneakers

Now we all know Kobe Bryant is one of the best NBA players out there and has made many sneakers with Nike. Backing it up a little bit before he even thought of collaborating with Nike, he was signed with Adidas. Much to my knowledge the contract didn’t seem to be working so nicely because he reportedly paid $8 million to get out of the contract. The Kobe and The Kobe 2 were two Adidas sneakers that never really made much attention, that they were too out there or too futuristic for basketball wear. Here we are now in 2017 when every shoe company, fashion designer out there is going for the futuristic sneaker look … think Balenciaga … so of course Adidas pulled the design out once again, formally known as the Kobe will now be referred to as The Crazy 1. These revamped Adidas X Kobe sneakers are definitely something you wouldn’t expect basketball players to be wearing on the court and more so expect to see them on the runway.  Back in 2002 this design was a little too out there for people to really understand but because of where we are now with fashion these sneakers will be on every basketball players foot.