Frank Ocean

Cyber Monday And Frank Ocean

Cyber Monday came and went, but we were given news from Frank Ocean that he had physical copies of “Endless” available on his website. Along with the physical copy of the movie and a few posters, there is an all new artwork and double sided posters of Ocean while he was making this album. Alongside this he also came out with a Worldnet Hoodie for his Black Friday sale. Sadly the sale ended on Cyber Monday so if these fans were lucky enough to be on the website at the exact time and were able to drop $99 on it, then good for them! On top of all these new releases from Ocean, he also hinted towards a new album. In 2012, he made a tweet saying “5 albums before 30” and he posted this on his tumblr. If the 30 is referring to his age, he has turned 30 and hopefully we will be in for a treat with a new album. If he decides to put it out that is.