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Marteen Q&A

R&B/pop singer Marteen has shared the carefree, one-take video for his latest track “We Cool.” Featuring Marteen’s friends and family from the Bay Area as extras, the video premiered via Sweety High, who praised the “lively” video for “[reminding] you to appreciate the finer things in life.” “We Cool,” which has already been lauded as “a potential breakthrough hit” by Complex, builds on the momentum started with Marteen’s “Sriracha” and “Two Days” and sets the stage for what’s to come in 2018 from this uniquely talented young artist. Having just wrapped a tour as direct support for Dua Lipa, Marteen next joins Kehlani on her annual “Tsnmi Christmas” tour. He speaks with Bleu telling us his admirations for her as well as expressing his excitement for the upcoming dates.  See below for a full list of upcoming tour dates as well as our Q&A.


1. What is it like working with kehlani and how has it been preparing for tour?

It’s hella dope. I’ve learned a lot from her just by watching over the last couple of years. She’s such a talented performer and artist and i’m super grateful to have someone like her to soak up game from. She gave me my first real industry looks by putting me on one of her Christmas songs when I was 13, and having me be apart of her tour, so I’ll always be grateful for that.

2. With being so young in an industry full of temptations, how do you remain humble and appreciate the little things in life before the fame?

Honestly, I think my dad has a lot to do with that cause he makes sure I have good people around me. He always says that you have to surround yourself with genuine, good-hearted people that have goals, people that inspire you. I think that makes a big difference in the way you move through this industry and the decisions you make. I think humility takes you farther in life in general, so I always try to check myself. I got people that love me who check me too lol. I come from nothing so I always keep in mind how much of a blessing all this is.

3.What do you feel your purpose in life is?

To make people happy, to encourage people and inspire them to be themselves. Everyone just wants to be loved, so I feel like however, I can encourage that, that’s what I’m here for.

4.What do you want the world to know most about you?

That I’m a lover. I love people. I’m real and sincere.

Marteen’s Upcoming Tour Dates for A Tsnmi Christmas: Kehlani & Friends:
December 8                       Oakland, CA                       Fox Theater
December 10                     Oakland, CA                       Fox Theater
December 11                     Los Angeles, CA                 The Novo
December 18                     Santa Ana, CA                    The Observatory
December 19                     San Diego, CA                    The Observatory North Park

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