Jelly Cylinder Nano

Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 2 For Gadget Junkies

By Merilee Kern, ‘The Luxe List’ Executive Editor

For those online shoppers looking to ease and expedite their approach, I’ve curated an exciting collection of gift ideas—from under-the-tree fabulosity to creative stocking stuffers to practical lifestyle enhancers—that are sure to make the recipient thankful for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Here is part 2 of this year’s gift guide:

********* For the Gadget Junkies *********

Jelly Cylinder Nano ( – $369.00

Jelly Art

This company has created one of the coolest pieces of living art. Envision something with the nostalgia and intrigue of a lava lamp, combined with the thrill of “living” art. Jellyfish Art has made the concepts of jellyfish tanks a simple reality for any home or office décor. These are interior-design-friendly, modern, cutting-edge aquariums. As an all-inclusive kit, the Jellyfish Cylinder kits include three sustainably aqua-cultured, live Moon Jellyfish and everything you need to set up the aquarium. The Jellyfish are express shipped directly to your door and are backed by a 10-day “Arrive Alive Guarantee.” These kits are a truly unique gift for the holiday season, especially for that person who seemingly has everything.

Zeiss VR ONE Plus ( – $100

Zeiss Multimedia

The Zeiss VR ONE Plus virtual reality headset is the perfect gift for those why would enjoy feeling like they’re inside a video game or film, rather than just watching it happen on a screen. This virtual reality headset is designed for comfort and simplicity of use, combining premium optics with an appealing aesthetic. Simply slot in your smartphone and you are ready to go. The device offers hundreds of compatible app options—from videos, news, and gaming to exploring luxurious beaches in exotic locations—all from the comfort of your couch. For the kids, there are endless educational benefits with this headset, such as interactive and immersive learning. With the Zeiss VR One Plus there is nothing stopping you from getting out there and exploring the virtual world!

VRSE by Skyrocket ( – $59.99


VRSE is an all-in-one VR gaming platform for kids ages 8+, bringing new, interactive game play with rich, immersive VR adventures at an accessible price. Play Jurassic World VRSE and fight off hungry T-Rex and Velociraptors or Play Batman VRSE and head to Gotham City to become Batman and defeat the Joker’s evil plot to take over the city. Story mode runtime lasts two to three hours, as well as mini-games that have endless replay value. VRSE offers best-in-class licenses and an easy, all-in-one package with a low cost of entry suited for kids. They’re a great gift that’s sure to provide hours of playtime fun! You can find VRSE at major retailers

VIDBOX Video & Audio Converter ( – Starting at $49.99


Parents and grandparents have chased family members around with a video camera much of their lives—at home, on vacations and during special events. Many of these memories are locked away in old VHS, VHS-C and Beta tapes that cannot be accessed with modern-day components. Enter VIDBOX Video Conversion, a gadget providing the software and hardware needed to convert VHS tapes, MiniDV, 8 mm film, 16 mm film, and more into a digital format, thus saving space, organizing your collections and, most importantly, saving your precious memories and enabling you to easily share them with others. Step-by-step pictorial instructions guide the user through the process, and supports both English and French languages. It’s also useful for music conversion. Cassette tapes, just like VHS, will weaken with age and cause distortion of sound. The VIDBOX Music Transfer Solution allows users to revive an old music collection by converting audio into MP3, WAV files, audio CDs and MP3 CDs. Available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista, the music transfer software supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German languages. The company’s software is compatible with either PC or Mac.

CarryOkeBell ( – $89.00


Know someone who just loves to sing and entertain? Or are you thinking of new and fun ways of entertaining at home or on the road this holiday season? Consider the gift of karaoke! VocoPro makes that easy with its CarryOkeBell device, the world’s first handheld, completely self-contained karaoke system. Home karaoke technology has evolved from bulky boom-box sized to systems like this that fit in the palm of your hand. VocoPro’s new CarryOkeBell is a truly portable karaoke system with the microphone, amplifier and speaker built into one easy-to-carry gadget. It has on-board digital mic effects to help users sound like a star, or to transform the sound of their voices using the voice changer with seven fun vocal effects. Karaoke enthusiasts can sing at home or on the road using Bluetooth technology and their own “smart” device to access favorite karaoke tracks online. Use this nifty gadget to turn any ordinary party or road trip into a fun-filled karaoke jam session!

Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 ( – $119.99

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios are ideal for water adventures when you don’t want to put your smartphone at risk or are out of cell phone range, like when camping, paddling hiking, fishing and even during cruise travel. Two-way radios are important for communication and safety in these and other instances. Motorola’s two-way radios feature NOAA weather updates and alerts on up to 11 different channels. The T605 H20 is completely waterproof and floats with its IP67 standard. In fact, the Talkabout withstands constant submersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and repels the heaviest rain, so there’s no need to worry if it accidentally falls off the boat when fishing. It also comes equipped with white and red LED (to preserve night vision) and a handy carry case and car charger. With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it’s easy to find an available channel for your communication pathway. It’s also compatible with any radio on the market: you can communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channel and using the same privacy codes. Ranges are impressive: Mountain to valley: up to 35 miles; open water: up to six miles; and neighborhood: up to two miles.

Torch Coat Heater ( – $99.95

Torch Coat Heater

The Torch Coat Heater is a portable, battery-operated heating unit designed to fit in a clothing pocket. With it you can transform your jacket—any jacket—into a battery operated heated garment, and fight the elements in clothing of your choosing. With the use of snag-free Velcro, Torch can easily be removed from your jacket and transferred to others to heat every jacket you own. The Torch 2.0, the company’s Next-Gen Coat Heater, features more efficient heat pads, push button technology, a hidden battery pocket and a new 5V, 6000mAh power bank capable of operating the device for up to four hours, with the added capability of charging your cell phone. This wearable technology is available in three different sizes to accommodate different users and apparel items.

Lasko’s Bladeless Ceramic Heater ( – $99.00

Lasko Products

Lasko’s Bladeless Ceramic Heater comes with exclusive heat channels for long-range heat projection, built-in safety features to keep children from harm, EZtouch controls and a multi-function remote control for easy and convenient operation. No need to get up from their couch or bed to maintain climate control. This heater also includes: an adjustable thermostat with an eight-hour auto-off timer, widespread oscillation that heats the entire home, dorm, or apartment and two quiet settings (high heat, low heat, and auto). An adjustable thermostat gives the user more control over the desired temperature in their room and the limited three-year warranty gives you peace of mind.

Epson’s Expression EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer ( – $299.99

Epson America

The Expression ET-2750 EcoTank wireless all-in-one supertank printer offers revolutionary cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks. It includes up to two years of ink already included in the box—an incredible amount of ink that can print up to 5,200 pages: the equivalent to about 30 ink cartridge sets. Plus, it features auto-stop ink bottles with each color uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank. You save up to 80 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles. The ET-2750 also offers convenient wireless printing from tablets and smartphones, plus Wi-Fi Direct and auto two-sided printing. This is a great investment for those busy computer professionals and students who use printers often, as it offers an economic alternative that helps with convenience and cost; two areas easily simplified with this one device.

Mini Orion LCD Drone ( – $129.99

Explore the night sky with the easy-to-fly Elite Mini Orion Drone—a 2.4GHz 4.5CH Live Video Feed LCD Screen RC Camera Drone that’s super fun and easy to fly—even for beginners! Powered by four rotors and with a durable lightweight body, the Mini Orion drone comes ready-to-fly with built-in flight modes to make exploring a breeze. Its fixed altitude feature locks on your selected altitude to make filming with the on-board camera smooth and easy, so the worry of misdirecting the machine and crashing it is almost eliminated. If you have any issues while in the air, you can choose between easy mode or return assist to help bring the Mini Orion back safely and unharmed. Remote aerial photography is made super easy. Enjoy complete flight control of this radio control drone with a smooth six-axis gyro and a dependable 2.4GHz transmitter. It’s a great gift for kids and adults alike.

The Tile Sport & Tile Style Tracking Devices ( – $35.00


Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find lost items in seconds, making it a great gift for pretty much anyone on your list. Tile Style is where fashion meets function, attaching to your things so you never lose them…for long. Featuring a 200-foot range and the company’s loudest ring, Tile Style is a sleek and sophisticated accessory for those always on-the-go. With a convenient keyhole, the reliable device can easily loop onto items like keychains or bags to make these and other items you attach it to much easier to find. Tile Sport features a unique tread-like design with graphite and a dark slate finish that offers extra durability, so you can hook or attach it to anything you care about: keys, wallets, bags, and much more. The new Pro series boasts the company’s most powerful Bluetooth trackers to date with double the range and double the volume—plus it’s waterproof. Tile’s global community spans over 230 countries and territories—a network that helps users find more than two million items every day.

Flipy ( – $39.98

Photon Wrangler LLC

Flipy is a handy, patented iPad/tablet/eReader stand that works equally well with books and magazines. Most tablet stands are designed for either table top use or require you to move your legs up and down to achieve the correct reading angle. The Flipy is designed to hold your reading device at the proper angle without having to adjust your legs. It’s odd looking but seriously functional, designed by an optical engineer to provide three different optically superior viewing angles. It’s well made and weighs mere ounces.

ASP Safety Set ( – $60.00


The Safety Set is a unique and exclusive personal protection solution that combines three proven tools in an easy-to-carry system. The Palm Defender disables even the strongest attacker with police-grade, two million Scoville Heat Unit OC pepper spray. The Sapphire is a small, rechargeable and super-powerful LED flashlight that helps you see and be seen, and the piercingly-loud Alert Whistle makes sure you’re heard no matter where you are, indoors or out. All three elements attach to the included neck lanyard that has a breakaway clip for added safety. It’s a must-have for students, commuters, outdoor fitness enthusiasts and travelers. Note that the OC Defender ships with an active pepper spray cartridge inside, so use caution when opening. The company also has inert/test inserts available on their site for those who might want to practice using their Defenders.