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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 3 For Smarphone Addicts And Wanderers

By Merilee Kern, ‘The Luxe List’ Executive Editor

Whether it’s for the smartphone lover or those that like to travel, these are some of the gadgets you can miss for the holidays. Here is part 3 of this year’s gift guide:

******** For Smartphone Addicts ********

Overland Universal Car Phone Holder ( – $59.00

The Beebo C

The Beebe Company’s Overland Universal Car Phone Holder is a clever and compact hands-free adapter for cars that will hold your phone in an ergonomic easy-to-see and easy-to-reach place—the CD slot. This will allow you to legally and safely use your phone hands-free for calls, navigation, and listening to music. With a universal design, it’s future-proof since the strong silicone bands stretch to fit over any phone and any case. It also works great vertically or horizontally, won’t block any of your windshield or vents like other adapters, and it installs and removes instantly without tools. What’s more, even though it shares the slot, you can still have the luxury of playing your favorite CDs while the holder is in-use. Unlike other holders, The Beebe Company Overland is handmade in America from rich leather that won’t scratch car surfaces or leave that annoying—and decidedly yucky—sticky residue on your vehicle’s interior.

Ditto Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler ( – $39.95

Simple Matters LLC

Know someone who is sick and tired of receiving seemingly useless notifications on their phone all of the time? Perhaps this person is you? Evening putting a phone in silent mode to avoid the influx of unwanted or tedious, non-essential messages, important notifications can be missed in the process. The Ditto Bluetooth Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler will allow you to pick and choose who you want to receive calls, texts and email messages from, It’s customizable with a free app, allowing you to pre-set important contacts like the babysitter or the boss, and not be bothered by every single phone call, text or email that comes in while doing other things…like watching a movie or conducting an important meeting Ditto allows you to select your desired contacts and will only alert you to those that you have specified in advance. The app is both iOS and Android compatible, and the console is available in black, white and clear.

Gamevice ( – $79.99


Designed for a phenomenal mobile gaming experience, the Gamevice is a portable controller that fits in your pocket and allows you to turn iPhone or Android phones and tablets into a portable gaming console. Gamevice features the same triggers, buttons, and joysticks as home consoles. With it, you can play hundreds of games including Minecraft, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, Assassins Creed, Halo, NBA 2K18, Final Fantasy and War Wings…just to name but a few. Gamevice also brings these precise controls and comfortable design to users of devices outside of games including drones, robots, toy cars, and more. This gadget is a great holiday gift for the gamer who is always on-the-go!

********* For the Wanderers *********

The Airhook Airplane Tray Mount ( – $27.95


Know a jet setter, or are you taking your own remote vacation this holiday season? Here’s an easy and effective way to facilitate more legroom on an airplane. The Airhook is a two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for electronic devices up to 8.5 inches tall. The collapsible system attaches to the tray table directly in front of passengers when it’s in the vertical, locked position. Designed to maximize legroom, the device uses the tray table as an anchor, rather than engaging it to lay horizontally across your lap is the typical platform position. With the Airhook, you can mount your entertainment at eye-level, and with easy access to a beverage—all without the strain of looking down at a screen for the duration of a flight. It also has a handy hook on which you can hang a sweater, earbuds and the like. It’s a clever invention helping travelers avoid feeling cramped and sacrificing space found with fold-down airplane trays.

Marpac Rohm Travel Sound Therapy Machine ( – $29.95

Marpac LLC

The Marpac Rohm Travel Sound Therapy Machine is another great gifting option for travelers or anyone who needs help sleeping in unfamiliar or noisy environments. It’s designed to mask noises anywhere, at any time. Rohm is a battery-operated device that creates a soothing, consistent sound environment for sleep, privacy, or to facilitate better concentration. Night or day, wherever you may be, Rohm lets you take control of your sound environment so you can live (or sleep) your very best life, uninterrupted. It has three sound options: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf. This sound machine is also great for masking unpleasant noises like snoring, hotel background noise, tinnitus (ringing in ears), and more. Wherever the user is staying during the holidays and beyond, they’ll want to take their Rohm on the road to sleep easier.

Coby Waterproof Portable Handheld Bluetooth Speaker ( – $19.99

Coby Electronics

If you know someone who loves to spend time at the pool or beach and loves to have their favorite music filling the air, or maybe they like to shower with their tunes, the Coby Speaker is a great option. This water-resistant, compact speaker has a built-in suction cup, perfect for use in wet environment and while on-the-go! Users can listen to favorite tunes while showering without having to step out to access any of the buttons, as you can use the speaker directly inside the shower. Featuring a rubberized, rugged exterior for ultimate impact resistance, the Coby Speaker is extremely durable. It’s also extremely easy to understand thanks to media shortcut keys that are within easy reach. It also features a built-in microphone and answer button so you can take speakerphone calls on it as well.

myCharge Adventure Jump Start ( – $99.99


Here’s a practical and very thoughtful gift idea that proffers much peace of mind: the myCharge Adventure Jump Start. Keeping a jump starter in your car is convenient for when your car battery is dead, eliminating the need to to wait around for roadside assistance—especially in isolated areas or regions experiencing severe weather. This rechargeable 6,600 mAh battery, which provides a jump start current of 200A and a peak current of 400A, is a powerful battery pack that can jump start most cars, trucks, boats and ATVs. Unlike other jump starters, myCharge’s solution fits in the glove box of your car. Plus, it has the ability to charge every day devices like smartphones, tablets and other compatible electronics through a USB-A port. This multi-faceted gadget will surely help you out in a pinch, wherever that may be.

Keyport Pivot ( – $19.99


This nifty gadget replaces your keychain and streamlines keys and pocket tools, also providing smart technology along with a built-in lost and found program. It’s part key holder, part Swiss Army knife, part lost and found. The Keyport Pivot reinvents the conventional keychain by consolidating your essential everyday carry items (like keys, USB flash drive, mini-flashlight, bottle opener, Bluetooth locator, pocketknife, etc.) into a compact, hi-tech key fob that attaches easily to any auto remote. Unlike most multi-tools, you will use this one on virtually every one of your daily adventures. Whether unlocking a door, securely accessing critical digital files, or opening your favorite beverage, Keyport Pivot is a universal access device. While it comes with a bevy of baseline tools, optional modules include Mini-Flashlight, Pocketknife, and BLE Locator w/LED (works with TrackR). To solve the biggest problem associated with daily carry items, which is losing them, the Keyport comes with a free 2-year subscription to KeyportID, its online lost and found service that boasts a “Reward If Found” feature. It uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders directly and anonymously with a click.