LeBron James Made Political Statement Towards Trump Wearing ‘Equality’ Shoes

LeBron James, the most popular NBA player in the world and an MVP candidate, made a political statement towards Donald Trump during an NBA game wearing one black and white shoe with the word “equality” in capital gold letters.

According to National NBA writer Tim Bontemps, James commented on why he wore the shoes in a regular season game against the Washington Wizards.

Earlier in the year James called Trump a “bum,” which significantly made a lot of noise on social media. He always gonna talking about the political issues because it’s a really big issue. The country needs to stay together and athletes like James will continue to voice out their thoughts. He did change the sneakers in the second half, but keep an eye out on what comes next. Maybe NBA players will start to wear different jerseys or accessories so they get the president’s attention on this serious issue.

The author: RaymondM