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2 Best Smart Plugs For Alexa And Google Home

Alexa and Google Home are becoming popular tech devices over the past few years. Individuals used these devices to help them out with home needs, listening to music or watching TV/movies on Netflix. It’s becoming the age of artificial intelligence taking over people’s daily tasks. And now there are complementing pieces that can enhance its benefits. Here are 2 smart plugs that buyers should invest in, according to androidcentral

TP-Link Smart Home


The TP-Link offers a line of small plugs and switches to make smart devices be automate to the individual’s voice. They can literally tell any smart devices to power on or off within the apartment or house. The outlets work well with Alexa and Google Home Mini. These are selling for $31.


AWAIR Air Filtration Smart Plug



Most buyers that want their homes be monitor for pollution should invest in the AWAIR Air Filtration Smart Plug. This smart device can monitor five aspects that determine air quality: temperature, humidity, CO2, airbone chemicals, and dust. It also give the buyer a guide to how clean the air is in the home and tips on making improvements via smartphone or iPhone. Once connected to Google Home or Alexa, any individual can say their commands. The gadget is selling for $119.


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