Photo Credit: Jabari Jacobs

Creek Boyz Released Two Singles & Announced New Mixtape

Baltimore County internet sensation Creek Boyz released two new singles, “Trap Digits” and “Loco,” and announced a new mixtape, “1-11,” coming on Mar. 2.

These two new singles are high energy records with beautifully layered vocals, showing each member on the choruses. This is why the group is hip-hop’s most fascinating acts. The group also spoke with Noisey about the mixtape and their past hit single.

“With My Team” was more of a radio song. So “Trap Digits” we trying to get more into the clubs and get everybody. We trying to touch all bases with the album. We don’t want you to think we just make one type of music. We make all types,” said ETS Breeze of the Creek Boyz. The group’s Turk P. Diddy continued, “Creek Boyz are far from one-hit-wonders. That’s one of the burdens is that we haven’t gave nobody no other songs. We gave them a couple but they was just songs that we really didn’t care about. We can’t let them hear everything.”

Watch the music video of “With My Team” below. Listen to the singles right now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music.


The author: RaymondM