Gatorade Pop-Up Shop Worth The Visit For Fans Of The Brand

Video Contributer By George Kevin Jordan

When it comes to Gatorade, people love to drink it before, during and after workouts. It’s becoming one of the most used brands that even influences sports athletes in drinking it to produce at a high level. Well for only two days in New York City, the brand is having its own pop-shop filled with so much products and secrets on 9 W. 8th street around NYU.

Inside it’s like a candyland as there are so many drinks, protein powders and special bottles. These are about four sections representing what the brand is about: Prime, Performance, Endurance, and Recover. Each individual has the opportunity to scan these logos for an entrance to the G-store’s hidden stockroom. This particular area gives visitors a journey through science, sweat and sports culture. There was also a sportswear designer along with a great photographer taking some shots. Clothing makers were sowing some of the patches, which anyone can receive when they complete the early tasks, onto bags and hats.

The process was very interesting in a sense of how careful and precise they were. But what was really interesting was how Gatorade’s science institute works and helping athletes excel on the field or court.

“For many years, a lot of our research was focus on those products and do they work for athletes,” said James M. Carter, Director of Gatorade Sports Science Institute. “Over the last five years, we turn our focus much more to being more athletic basic. Providing a sports science service and that really has been around measuring fluid loss, and how an athlete might use hydrogenated fats to fuel their session. Then trying to put it all together to get away from intensity, duration, athletic goals and come up with personalize solutions at any given session.”

Carter goes into detail of these facts and even presented high tech equipments that athletes use. There is so much science being explained that once any fans looks at every single thing, including an area where individuals sign up for a fitness class, it will be worth the visit.

The author: RaymondM