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NFL Super Bowl LII Preview

Super Bowl LII is almost here and there has so much anticipated between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots squaring off for the Lombardi trophy. The top two teams in each conference dominated their opponents in different ways. For the Eagles, they have a backup quarterback in Nick Foles making efficient plays complemented by a great defense and running game. For the Patriots, these five-time Super Bowl champions in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick with a great system makes them championship contenders every season. But this seems to be different than other Super Bowl matchups.

Although New England is 4.5 favorites over Philadelphia, the game feel like its gonna be close. Brady is coming into this matchup with pressure of doing something that no one has achieve in football and sports: be considered greatest athlete of all-time.

Yes Michael Jordan has that title and rightfully so because of this athleticism, greatness and being undefeated. Brady literally has blue collar players on offense producing at a high level despite Rob Gronkowski getting hurt. The 40-year-old always had a great defense and knows that on the biggest stage in sports, every play is so vital. Their game plan against the Eagles is basically attacking their linebackers and playing the short passing game, which Brady excels at.

But don’t count out what Philadelphia is gonna do against New England. They gone this far without  Carson Wentz and won every game as an underdog. Foles had the game of his life against the Minnesota Vikings, completed more than 70 percent of his passes and threw for three touchdowns. No one could expect that type of performance other than Foles himself. The gameplan against Belichick’s defense is gonna be determine by executing in key situations. Foles has the weapons and knows that he needs to rely on the running game to control the time of possession. The less time Brady is on the field, the better chance Philadelphia has in winning this game.

However, everyone knows that adjustments will come at halftime, which will determine the winner of this game. Patriots will find a way to score in the final minutes of the game. They probably will take out what Foles does best and Brady will somehow figure out the Eagles defense. But the Eagles coaching staff did a good job all season preparing this group in pressured moments. Philadelphia will seal the deal with a field goal and become champions for the first time in franchise history.

Eagles 27 Patriots 24

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