Kiehl’s Rich Hydrating Hand Cream Review

This past weekend I decided to try out Kiehl’s Rich Hydrating Hand Cream, and I have to say that I am impressed. It is true to its title. Unlike other hand lotions that I’ve tried, it has a great consistency. It’s not so thick that it feels like an arm workout when I apply. Yet, no so thin that it feels runny and makes my hands sweat. It does an awesome job of penetrating the areas where I apply it without making my pores feel like they’re drowning. It keeps my hands moisturized without making them look shiny – which I like.

I have super dry hands, especially in the winter, but once it’s on and applied evenly, I’m good to go until the next time I wash my hands.

The last thing to consider is the scent. I tested three variations – Grapefruit, Coriander, and Lavender. My favorite was Grapefruit because I tend to favor softer, fruity scents on my body. Nonetheless, I tried all three thoroughly and they perform well so the scent is up to you.

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