5 Best Super Bowl 2018 Commercials

The Super Bowl almost every year delivers entertaining moments on the football between two elite NFL teams. Yes the New England Patriots have been in so many of them already and the NFC changes almost every year, but mostly everyone watches the Super Bowl for these anticipated commercials. Here are the five best ones that will be remembered throughout the year.

1. Doritos Blaze vs MTN Dew Ice

Pretty remarkable to see Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman face off with their product. Whether’s Doritos or Mountain Dew in this commercial, it definitely wowed the audience when they had their rap battle against one another.

2. Tide Commercial 

Nothing surprises the world now with “Stranger Things” star David Harbour doing commercials on the biggest stage in sports. They were all a joke these Tide commercials, but it’s all a marketing tactic to make more money off viewers.

3. Alexa Loses Her Voice 

When other celebrities try to be Alexa, things really get out of hand. How cool would it be though if Cardi B or even Beyonce would answer problems and stuff out of the norm. But even those celebrities can’t replace what Alexa truly does in answering problems.

4. Shaun White Super Bowl Ad

NBC wouldn’t have a complete coverage of the Winter Olympics without legendary snowboarder Shaun White in the commercials. His strive for redemption is gonna be tested on the international stage even at an older age.

5. Touchdown Celebrations To Come

Probably the best commercial of the Super Bowl as it literally stole the show. The New York Giants still win over the New England Patriots even in commercials. Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. definitely need to do more commercials together that involve dancing and priceless reactions.

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