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LHHMIA Christopher “Prince” Michael Harty: The rising renaissance man

It’s February 9th and New York City and fashion week is in full effect. The city streets are swarmed with photographers capturing street style looks for various publications. Models run from show to show. Celebrities, stylist, and the who’s who sitting front row just for a glimpse of the fashions. Participating in the glamorous mayhem is no other than the rising renaissance man himself Christopher Michael Harty of lifestyle promotions company, Varsity LG.

Best known to the world as “Prince” of Love and Hip Hop Miami. The marketing club promoter and reality star open’s up to Bleu on life, love, and his business endeavors.

Dressed in all black with an exclusive North Face Coat, his diamonds make the perfect accents to his understated look. The self-proclaimed Prince of Miami takes a break from Instagram live of “Talking S**t with his followers”, he say’s laughingly with us. His humor is infectious, his humility is refreshing. Very different sides of him that the cameras have not displayed very much of. I guess that’s what reality T.V can do. However, one could only help to wonder if foreshadowed this amount of attention.

“’l’ll say this, coming onto this show and into this process, I knew that there were things that I would have to deal with. I just didn’t realize I was going to be attacked as much as I’m being attacked. I mean, I do have fans who love me and rock with me but the way some of these people who have been coming at me and telling me about myself is crazy. Outside of that, I am appreciative of it all, I love it all. It’s an experience regardless of anything in life. Even if I don’t make it to another season or another T.V show. This is a once in a lifetime experience. They’re hundreds of thousands of people who wish they had my platform and can be where I am and I’m here. So regardless of the situation, you gotta take the good with the bad.”

After witnessing the bad break up on national television with his ex. It seems as though bringing your spouse onto a reality series can be a recipe for disasters. As hopes were high that their relationship would show a different narrative; unfortunately, it did not. Can love really exist and sustained in the public eye?

“If you guys are on the same page I believe it can but you know people do what they want to do for T.V for views and for attention and things like that so where lines get misconstrued. It can either strengthen it or break it. It just depends on the couple.”

As there seems to be homophobia in Hip Hop. It didn’t stop certain characters from being loud and proud or come out in front of the world. Shockingly cast member Malik Williams risked all that he’s worked for to tell his truth and confide to his friend and castmate Prince.

“People in the world Outside of that it’s something I’ve dealt with. People in the world since I was young have insinuated things about me and thing of that nature. I can understand because being accused of something your not or don’t do hurts, so imagine actually being that and having to hide. I can only imagine his pain. I’ve dealt with my own insecurities and issues so I spoke with him. Like I said his sexual orientation has nothing to do with our friendship or our business or our ability to make money together. So that’s why it isn’t really a big deal to me. Plus it’s not like we hang out every day. If you’re going to be gay bro, be gay! It’s not a big deal were in 2018. If you want to be gay scream it to the top of your lungs. Who’s going to tell you s**t? For someone not f**k with you because of your sexual orientation, no f**k them.”

Through all of the scrutiny, Prince keeps his head held high. With his business doing well, new aspirations evolving in addition to the support of his family. He’s managing through all of this quite well. Especially with his support system.

“My two cousins Amanda and Alexis. they support me in everything They go in my comments and cus out anyone who’s talking shit. They love me. So I’ll say they’re my biggest supporters”

Although there is time for play in the city that never sleeps. Work was the most important to him as he shared his business endeavors as well as his aspirations.

“Well, I have my clothing line. I’m still working on novelty pieces, Pieces that are for my line because I don’t want to just throw bullshit out there. I don’t want to make a quick buck. I really want this brand to transcend and form into something.Also, I have the modeling thing I’m pursuing. I’m out here in New York actually trying to find an agency now. I have a few photo shoots set up and ultimately hosting. I would really like to be hosting the Espy’s, VMA’s, the VH1 awards. To be as big as to host the Grammy’s I’m not talking about being a correspondent on the red carpet. I’m talking about the actual event”



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