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The FADER Announces Its First Unique Book

The FADER, global media company and definitive voice in music and culture, announces its first book titled FADER FORT Setting The Stage out

“Nothing sets a great artist apart from the rest more than being able to bring their music to life in a live setting,” said co-founder of The FADER, Jon Cohen. FADER FORT has been our platform to bring great FADER content to life and allow our audience to experience so many incredible artists for the first time. The FADER FORT has created many special moments across many genres in an intimate setting that has allowed artists to establish who they are unlike any festival in the country.”

The book is a collectible hardcover book featuring never-before-seen portraits, candids, performance photos and personal stories over 15 years of FADER FORT. This is one of the most anticipated live music events that really shows legendary performances to fans and fosters new connections between musicians. The 250-page book also includes introductions from Damon Albam (Blur, Gorillaz) and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Overall, FADER FORT has featured over 900 performances from the biggest mainstream and underground artists of all genres. It really brings these different worlds of music together to create a special home for all the fans.

“We’re releasing FADER FORT Setting The Stage now, because we’ve seen this transition of live music becoming one of the most important outlets in the music industry,” said The FADER’s President and Publisher, Andy Cohn. “Throughout the 18 years of The FADER’s history, we’ve seen this flip. We’ve been at the center of major breakthroughs in many artists’ careers. FADER FORT has become a way to celebrate these artists, and champion the new ones we’re supporting in a way that is authentic, and special for everyone involved.”

Pre-order the book now at The FADER’s shop and look for it in store Mar. 1. Watch the book trailer for FADER FORT Setting The Stage below:

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