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C SEED 125: The Next Groundbreaking Iconic Sound System

C SEED, known for having the world’s largest LED TV, is now releasing the C SEED 125 groundbreaking speakers that will redefine quality in outdoor sound systems.


This new speaker series enters the market with unbelievable visual and potential like the C 201 outdoor TV iconic status. These are passive speakers that ranges from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround. The 125 name from its product refers to the sound pressure, which is perfect to know when an individual does parties in big houses. It also provides unparalleled sound projections at wide angles that covers large terraces and gardens.


The C SEED 125 is available at premium stores around the world. Check out the technical data and video below describing the speakers.



Retractable passive 2-way coaxial outdoor speaker system

Configuration: full range from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround sound

Axisymmetric maximum: 125 dB

Nominal directivity (-6dB):100 degrees

Usable bandwidth (-10dB):60 Hz – 20 kHz

Physical data: H x W x D (mm):890 x 332 x 332Weight:119 kg

Installation: protective, solid undergroundstructure:1187 mm x 625 mm dia

Extend/retract drive: remote-controlled electric worm drive

Remote control: proprietary C SEED app on smartphone or tablet



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