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Colin Kaepernick Is GQ’s ‘Citizen Of The Year’

Colin Kaepernick is not be playing in the NFL this season or isn’t even mention by teams on signing him to be their starting quarterback. However, his presence lives on as being the cover of GQ magazine and named “Citizen Of The Year.”

Kaepernick tweeted on Monday that he was honored to be the cover of GQ. This particular project was designed to reclaim the narrative of his protest. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback really started the whole kneel down during a national anthem, and it was to protest against police brutality. He is really in a different class as far as sports figures that stand up for political issues. Kaepernick remains silent, but other activists have spoken on what he is doing for this country.

“In my 90th year of life, to see people like Colin Kaepernick having gotten the message and carrying the cause forward is the greatest reward I could ask for,” said singer and activist Harry Belafonte, according to The Week. “Colin is a remarkable young man. The fact that he spoke out on police brutality against young black men – I thought it was absolutely admirable. I’m prepared to do anything it takes and whatever steps I can to support him if this insanity continues.”

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