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Scotch Porter/ Ron Hill

Actor Tobias Truvillion Talks Scotch Porter and Why He’s Up Next

Actor/Philanthropist Tobias Truvillion is on a mission and he is unapologetic about his drive to win. You may have seen him in such features as “Hitch”, “Empire” and “Jordan’s ‘Jumpman’ & ‘Six Rings’ commercials, this Queens, NY native is making his rounds in Hollywood and building up his profile to be a household name. His role in “Empire” as D-Major showed how passionate and in tune he is when it comes to his craft. “I kind of stumbled into acting. I started in the National Black Theater under Dr. Barbara Ann Teer, Tunde Samuels and David D. Wright. They’re the ones who took me under their wing and really showed me the craft of acting. It’s not easy being an actor. There’s natural ability, there’s skill but there’s also a bunch of things that need to combine into one to create a character, to tell a story in order to be believable,” said Truvillion.

Scotch Porter/ Ron Hill

Even with a hectic schedule, Tobias is focused when it comes to following a self-care regimen that keeps his mind, body and soul in check. With Health & Wellness becoming more and more a part of mainstream culture & conversation, Tobias and individuals like him, understand the importance of setting up routines to keep them on track. This Spring, he’s featured in men’s grooming brand Scotch Porter’s campaign giving us a direct look at what his self-care is about.

Scotch Porter/ Ron Hill

“It was a no brainer when it came to working with Scotch Porter. I’ve been a fan of the brand since its inception and I was excited about working with them when the opportunity came my way. When it comes to delivering on products that work, attention to detail and healthier ingredients, Scotch Porter is it. I’m honored to work with the team to continue to share how the products fit into my lifestyle.” Said Truvillion.

We all know external grooming is key but it’s also vital to our internal well-being. The track to spiritual and physical “greatness” is no easy task. “I think self-care is very important. I think that everyone should take care of themselves inside and out. What you feed your body is the most important. I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 months. Switching over to the vegetarian/vegan life was a big lifestyle change but the way I feel trumps my taste buds. I can still smell the chicken, I can still smell the lamb chops and I do remember the taste. But I know how I feel on the inside now, so I choose not to consume meat anymore, ” said Tobias.

Scotch Porter/ Ron Hill

Thinking about your journey when it comes to what’s next for you, is Health & Wellness on that list. March is on its way in but it’s never too late to improve your lifestyle choices. Remember, Health & Wellness does not only apply to your financial and physical being but the over healthy state of the various pieces of your life. No matter how hard it may seem, you can flip the switch and stay the course. In the words Tobias “study, keep your faith and never give up.” Watch the video below and see how Tobias stays so fresh and so clean!


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