Offbeat Travel: Riding The Waves On Cargo Ships

Offbeat Travel: Riding The Waves On Cargo Ships


Jan. 24 2019, Published 2:20 p.m. ET

When I first read an article about traveling via cargo ships, I was amazed. It sounded like the perfect way to be an explorer.

As you can imagine, you won’t get the same amenities a cruise ship offers. It may be worth it for the price though.

According to, who has traveled extensively on freighters:

It costs, “Between $65-$125 U.S. per day. The average of a voyage is just about $100.00 US per day, for a single person traveling in a single cabin. It is always more expensive for a single to book a double cabin and always cheaper per person for double occupancy of a double cabin. There is an additional charge of about $262.00 for deviation insurance and for US passengers a custom charge of $12.50, per person for departing or entering the country. Keep in mind that more than one owner/charter may have vessels on a given route. The fare charged by different owners on the same route can vary considerably. Shop around.”

For fun, you may have access to tv, video, and board games. You can even participate in activities with the crew but, of course, you’re not obligated to.

When it comes time to eat, your meal depends on the chef’s nationality. Mealtimes are shared with the captain and crew.

Cabins on cargo ships are much larger than on a cruise ship, but your views might be…well….a cargo crate.

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There are a couple of sources detailing travel life on cargo ships. You can visit their sites at:,, and

Happy traveling!


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