Keeping Your Thanksgiving COVID-Friendly

Keeping Your Thanksgiving COVID-Friendly

A COVID-friendly Thanksgiving does not have to be any less fun than a normal one. Here are ways you can mitigate your risk of infection.


Nov. 25 2020, Published 11:06 a.m. ET

As the holiday season draws near and COVID-19 cases continue to surge nationwide, it is evident that this one will be like none other. We’ve all had to make great sacrifices this year, and that unfortunately means that this Thanksgiving will be no exception.

Restrictions on indoor gatherings vary per state, but for NewYorkers, Governor Cuomo recently set a limit of 10 individuals per private home gathering. If your family is anything like mine, a Thanksgiving dinner with less than 10 people doesn’t even sound possible. However, we must and will make it work.

Even if you reside in a state with more relaxed coronavirus restrictions, it would be foolish and dangerous to not take precaution. A loved one is just as capable of spreading disease as a stranger.

Fortunately for you, a COVID-friendly Thanksgiving does not have to be any less fun than a normal Thanksgiving. There are ways to mitigate your risk of infection and still have a great holiday.

For starters, keep your Thanksgiving gatherings SMALL. This one should go without saying for obvious reasons. Ideally, gatherings should mainly consist of the people you already live with.

It also doesn’t hurt to get everyone tested beforehand, but it is important to note that negative test results do not guarantee anything. The goal is to MITIGATE risk, not eliminate it.

For those who live in warmer climates where they have the means to host an outdoor dinner, an outdoor gathering is a much better alternative to an indoor one. Risk of infection is significantly reduced in outdoor settings, as long as you continue to maintain social distance. 

While it may be difficult to maintain social distance in a family setting, there are ways to keep close contact at a minimum. Try spreading out seating, avoiding hugs and kisses, and wearing masks whenever possible. It is crucial that you set these boundaries and expectations for those in attendance at your Thanksgiving dinner beforehand

Lasty, Zoom and Facetime are your best friends! Virtually connecting with extended family and friends is by no means the same as seeing them in person, but it’s definitely the next best thing. Make the most of these unfortunate, unforgettable, and temporary circumstances. Happy holidays!

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