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How Box Truck Shawty Utilized Rental Track To Rack In Millions

Serial entrepreneur Jabbar Wiliams shares how he defied the logistics stereotype after the pandemic by using his box truck method.


Jan. 22 2024, Published 3:43 p.m. ET

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Jabbar Williams has grossed over $2 million dollars, a new method he discovered regarding the shipment and moving of goods. Through his ideas, positive moments, and struggles Williams hopes others can rise to fame and wealth similar to himself.

The pandemic caused a large recession in the finance and business industry, and with that, made starting your enterprise harder than it had ever been before. “I looked to real estate as a way to escape that 9-5 job and live freely. When the pandemic hit, real estate was in a recession due to people not moving much. I wasn’t depressed, but I felt stuck,” says Williams.

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The entrepreneur would elaborate on his beginning as Box Truck Shawty, saying the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for his business and entrepreneurship ideas. According to Williams, he’s still in shock and can’t believe how simple it was to grasp logistics and bring in passive wealth without the stress other businesses may insinuate. “Look at restaurants, for example, to even start you need a brick and mortar, inspector, equipment, food; Already, that’s tons of expenses that many people can afford unless they save up for years. It also lacks protection from recession, like the pandemic.”

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Wiliams’s method started with signing a contract with Amazon, where he rented a truck and driver. While it could be hard to see the profit in this method, Williams shares its secret genius. “If you rent the truck, then down payments and insurance aren’t coming out of your pockets.” He further explained that many of the steps in his method have nothing to do with the person themselves. A dream of many entrepreneurs is to eventually have passive income to support their goals, dreams, and indulgences. The box truck method does exactly that.

I was able to do this while remaining in my 9 to 5 job. It was a passive income for me,” he says.

He hopes to grow his method eventually, seeing that online shipping and logistics are catching more wind as time goes on. Amidst its gradual incline, Williams has opened lessons to teach others about logistics strategies using rental trucks. Sharing the methods used in logistics, he elaborates that becoming a multi-millionaire is simpler than it seems. Through his classes, he examines the ins and outs of the box truck strategy.

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“All you need is around three thousand dollars saved up to skyrocket income through rental trucks and Amazon. The driver, truck and license were all I paid to begin.” He shares. His LLC, MC/DOT, and BOC3/UCR were the start to raising this strategy to the cash cow it is today. Williams focuses on controlling your income without the ties of ownership, allowing a free trial almost, for people unsure if logistics is the right path for them.

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He remains determined to grow the box truck strategy and inform people through classes and coaching. His team, alongside teaching, allows new students to receive drivers and other assistance straight through his business.

The box truck method continues to shift the way many view logistics as an industry. Williams highlights the promising future of taking on logistics, but he isn’t exempt from turning from its hidden treasures. He shares that logistics wasn’t something that interested him to begin with. He’s always wanted to pursue real estate, and logistics was a way to bring in extra cash.

No one was able to predict how much the new method would reinvent the view on finance and business. He would elaborate on his message to people in a similar place as him: there is a key to achieving that end goal. Whether it be real estate or astrophysics, he found it simpler to hold your dreams off until you’re able to financially support them. “Follow the money.”

Through this and the box truck method, Williams was able to implant himself in the world of logistics and withstand recession and adversity, freeing himself from the clutch of nine to five work days.

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