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Tyler Perry Studios: Revolutionizing Black Entertainment

Discover how Tyler Perry Studios is changing the game in Black cinema. Explore its history, features, and impact on the entertainment industry.


Nov. 7 2023, Published 9:18 p.m. ET

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Tyler Perry Studios is one of the most prominent studios in the United States and the largest in Atlanta. The property occupies a 330-acre space and is owned by Tyler Perry himself. Here are more details on Tyler Perry Studios, its development, and its influence in the United States entertainment world.

The Development of Tyler Perry Studios

The history of Tyler Perry Studios property dates back to the 19th century, when the land was used for military purposes. Tyler Perry purchased the land in 2015 and has since preserved and made multiple innovations to make it an outstanding modern studio. According to The Business Insider, the Tyler Perry Studios is worth more than $280 million. It is an LLC company exclusively meant for film production. The company has plenty of state-of-the-art TV show facilities and stage plays, serving clients worldwide.

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Notable features in the 330-acre land include an airport terminal, golf course, and a strip mall. Other features include a bank, trailer park, commercial jet, and a lakeside cabin, all made for film production purposes. Historical films like The Walking Dead have already been shot here. Tyler Perry Studios is located in the heart of Atlanta, and it's built to meet modern production needs. The back lot is huge and spans over 220 acres of a well-maintained compound, providing the perfect arena for multiple sets. The studio itself is a presidential mansion and has 12 soundstages.

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In 2021, Tyler Perry bought 37 acres of land to expand the production studio.

The Influence of Tyler Perry Studios

The Hollywood industry has been growing rapidly due to the influence of talented professionals like Tyler Perry. Through his film works, Tyler Perry has managed to reinforce the black identity culture, reducing the impact of racism on people with black skin. For instance, the character Madea, created and portrayed by Tyler Perry, gives the Black community hope and helpful life lessons. It sends love and encourages the blacks to keep steering forward regardless of their life challenges.

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His studios have opened doors to new aspiring actors, film directors, and even writers of color. His production allows everyone to stand in front and behind the cameras, creating an even opportunity for everyone interested in joining the industry. Notable actors and actresses who have worked with Tyler Perry studios and got their breakthroughs include Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and Taraji.P. Henson. According to Bloomberg, nearly 5,000 people can work in the Tyler Perry studio on a busy day, which means the studio has created plenty of employment opportunities.

About Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is an American producer, actor, director, and entertainment business mogul. He was born and raised in New Orleans in 1969. Tyler had a traumatic childhood due to relationship strains between his parents, and this led him to suffer from depression. In 1991, he learned about the therapeutic effect of writing after listening to an Oprah Winfrey Show discussion while at his office. He started writing a journal of his daily encounters, and that’s when he realized he could write.

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His first ever-written play was I Know I’ve Changed, which was inspired by his writings about domestic violence. Since then, Tyler Perry has become one of Hollywood's most successful and influential actors and producers. The establishment of the Tyler Perry Studios allowed him to work with other talented artists in the industry, further encouraging him to do his best.

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