Snoop Dogg's Business Ventures: A Diverse Portfolio

Discover how rap icon Snoop Dogg carved a diverse business empire that spans music, tech, fashion, and unexpected partnerships. Dive in now!


Sep. 9 2023, Updated 9:56 p.m. ET

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When you think of Snoop Dogg, you probably think of laid-back rhymes and hazy G-Funk beats. But Snoop (real name: Calvin Broadus Jr.) isn’t just a rap legend — he’s built quite the business empire. From music to tech to fashion, Snoop’s portfolio is as diverse as they come. How’s he done it? By following his nose to promising ventures while keeping it real the whole way.

Laying Down Tracks & Stacking Chips

Snoop’s been running the game since the early ‘90s when tapes of his slippery flow got him signed to Death Row Records. Albums like “Doggystyle” launched him to fame and had bangers crossing color lines. But even as he laid down verses, he had his mind on his money. He started Doggy Style Records in ‘95 to better control his business dealings. But it’d take more than 25 years before he’d regain rights to master Death Row recordings, acquiring the label in 2022. Between dropping albums and touring worldwide, Snoop’s pockets have stayed fat thanks to his media company and strategic brand partnerships.

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Branded Merch & Spirited Ventures

Leveraging his signature style, Snoop kicked off a merch line in 1998 that evolved into a full apparel company. Slinging tees and hoodies raked in millions — and his hustle didn’t stop there. He launched a brandy label in 2016 to tap the liquor market. Always on-brand, he partnered on 19 Crimes wine before diving into the cannabis space. With his own line of rolling papers and partnerships with major weed firms, Snoop carved out quite the cannabis niche.

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Tech Talk & Vehicle Ventures

However, Snoop does more than capitalize on his personality. He makes savvy plays in the tech and transportation spaces, too. Beyond substances, both legal and recreational, Snoop has made a range of investments in the tech space as well. He sits on the advisory board of Reddit and backs Robinhood alongside stars like Jay-Z and Ashton Kutcher.

He has a stake in the stock trading app and has partnered with Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons on a few tech ventures. In the mobility arena, he joined the advisory board of the newly public electric vehicle maker VinFast in 2022.

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Baking Beats with Martha the Muse

An endearing example of Snoop’s nose for unlikely partnerships is his years-long friendship with domestic diva Martha Stewart. What started from a quirky TV talk show appearance blossomed into a full-blown business collab when the duo hosted a VH1 cooking show together called Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party in 2016.

Capitalizing on their odd couple dynamic, they’ve since partnered on bestselling cookbooks, a line of gourmet edibles, and even a Discovery+ holiday baking special. By joining forces with the least likely of allies, Snoop proves he’s always looking for fresh opportunities to delight fans and expand his commercial footprint into new territory. The continuing Martha misadventures only cement his brand's unpredictable charm.

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Return to Death Row

In his most surprising move yet, Snoop returned to acquire Death Row Records in 2022. Though details are hazy, reclaiming his master recordings proves Snoop knows the power of controlling his legacy. With Death Row now under his wing alongside his media company, apparel ventures, and more, Snoop is still expanding his portfolio. Even with newer artists gunning for airplay, Snoop stays relevant by carefully calibrating projects mainstream and underground.

Snoop has proven he’s no one-trick pony.

Snoop’s built an empire by following opportunities on his own trail from the studio to the boardroom. With an obsession for progress and just enough authenticity, his hustle remains secure. So, for now, every day keeps getting brighter for this Doggfather who does business his way.

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