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NLE Choppa: Balancing Fame & Faith

In the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, a city pulsating with musical history, we find a young prodigy who emerged onto the rap scene, destined to carve a unique niche for himself.


Feb. 8 2024, Published 3:00 p.m. ET

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At the tender age of 15, NLE Choppa embarked on a musical odyssey, where listeners witnessed him transcend the boundaries of conventional rap, weaving spirituality, conscious introspection, and raw talent into the fabric of his artistry.

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Hailing from a city that birthed several legends, Choppa's journey was heavily influenced by the rich musical tapestry of Memphis. The city's deep-rooted connection to the blues and soul provided the backdrop for Choppa's quest to create a sound that stood out from the typical Memphis rap scene. Collaborating with artists like Roddy Rich on the hit track "Walk Em Down," had Choppa showcase a different side of his artistry, blending his signature delivery with a melodic and smooth style that earned praise from Complex magazine and Billboard.

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In the beginning stages of his career, the Memphis native drew inspiration from the iconic voices of Tupac and Lil Wayne. Their influence laid the foundation for his lyrical flow and helped him shape a style that is uniquely his own. However, it was his groundbreaking track, "Shotta Flow,” that catapulted him into the limelight. While he was still in the 10th grade during this transformative moment of his life, Choppa vividly recalls the profound impact it had on his peers and the ignition it provided for his musical journey.

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As his sonic journey unfolded, Choppa released "From Dark to Light," a mixtape that transcended mere beats and rhymes. Departing from the conventional rap themes, the mixtape delved into positive and introspective narratives, revealing the artist's commitment to exploring diverse facets of his artistry while authentically grounding himself in personal growth.

Beyond the studio, the 21-year-old is a spiritual individual, attributing his success to the power of the Most High. His spirituality permeates every aspect of his life, from maintaining a vegan lifestyle to making life choices that align with his holistic beliefs. The birth of his first child marked a pivotal moment in his spiritual journey, inspiring positive changes and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

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“My daughter helped me shift my view on spirituality,” he tells Bleu Magazine. “Once I knew I had a baby on the way, I just knew that I needed to change a lot. And in that process, I started to pray a lot about how I could change and what I could do. And everything started to fall in line after that.”

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Aware of the profound impact his music has on mental health, Choppa has emerged as an advocate for healing. According to Choppa, he learned how impactful his music was once his fans began to express how his music had saved their lives. This was an awakening moment for him and the moment when he realized the transformative power of his art.

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Looking ahead, Choppa envisions a bright future for the rap and hip-hop industry, noting the emergence of new sounds and innovative music promotion. Grateful for his quick wit and freestyling skills, he attributes his lyrical sharpness to a divine gift and expresses gratitude for his ability to make impactful music.

Beyond the realm of music, Choppa is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. He has created the NLE Health and Wellness brand, which focuses on mental health, physical health, and holistic healing which embodies his commitment to healing the world. The brand focuses on promoting herbs, tea, sea moss, oils, incense, and a variety of options to help detox or boost vitality and overall wellness. NLE Choppa finds it important to balance his mind, body and soul, whilst also navigating the complexities that can come with fame and being a musician.

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As he navigates the duality of his public persona and personal life, his children, Chozen and Clover, serve as steadfast reminders of his true identity—Bryson LaShun Potts. In a world where the spotlight often blurs the lines between fame and reality, they offer solace and balance. He thanks his children for keeping him grounded and for always serving as a reminder of who he truly is.

Choppa also has valuable advice for emerging artists. As he tells Bleu Magazine, "Keep God first. Stay poised. Always stay calm. Stay patient. Stay disciplined. And have faith."

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He believes that you must first be grounded in your spiritual self - because that will be reflected in every area of your life, and it will be the foundation of your being. It will help you navigate the stormy seas that can come with fame, money, success, and with being in the public eye. Choppa is a reminder to us all that you can continue to captivate audiences with a unique blend of spirituality and raw talent, as he serves as a transformative force in the ever-evolving landscape of rap and hip-hop.

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As the curtain falls on this chapter, NLE Choppa's story remains an unfinished symphony, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft and a vision that promises a harmonious future in the world of music. With unreleased tunes lingering in the air, fans are left in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in his mesmerizing journey.

As we continue to watch, NLE Choppa reminds us that evolution is necessary, especially for artistic growth. He shows us that it is important to always be grounded, to move with faith, and to always be connected and in tune with your spiritual self while also promoting the value of family, wellness, and the importance of pursuing your passions by living within your purpose. NLE Choppa is a testament to what a truly balanced artist looks like, and we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of his future endeavors.

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