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Slide Back Into the Classics With the New Cadillac Celestiq

The iconic automobile manufacturer Cadillac is powering back into the car scene with the Celestiq, a brand-new model that is the world’s first ultra-luxury all-electric sedan.


Mar. 12 2024, Published 2:40 p.m. ET

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Production began in December 2023, with the first deliveries beginning in January 2024.

Consumers looking to head to a Cadillac dealership to purchase the new car are out of luck, though. Each Celestiq is commissioned and custom-designed with different materials, textures, and colors. It’s meant to be a work of art as each car is as unique as the person who purchases it, and no two Celestiqs will be alike.

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Technology is one of the top priorities for Celestiq designers. That starts at the top of the car with an adjustable panoramic sunroof with fixed smart glass, allowing every passenger to adjust the amount of sunlight to peek through during the ride. The sunroof is also covered in a film that helps reduce the road noise EV aficionados have begrudgingly come to accept.

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Inside the Celestiq, drivers will get to enjoy equally techy enhancements. ClimateSense technology gives each passenger their own temperature control with up to four separate microclimates in the car all at once. The Cadillac is also raising the bar with five advanced HD-interactive screens installed in the Celestiq, the most the manufacturer has ever put in one car.

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After a pandemic global semiconductor shortage, Cadillac stopped adding SuperCruise technology to cars, but have brought it back with a boost for the Celestiq. You can not only drive without touching the steering wheel or the pedals, but you can also now change lanes without assistance by using Automatic Lane Change. With this tech, the car decides when it would be optimal to change lanes and do so by turning on the blinker and heading over into the new lane.

cadillac celestiq
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The build of the car is groundbreaking, too. Cadillac removed a coiled spring suspension in favor of Celestiq’s air suspension system, which makes the ride softer. It’s also paired with Magnetic Ride Control, a suspension technology with super-fast reaction time. Cadillac also introduced Active Roll Control where the front and back of the chassis have stabilizer bars to minimize rolling force during turns.

Another stellar feature is the active rear spoiler which activates at lower speeds to keep the car more aerodynamic. When the speed goes up, the spoiler rises to make sure the car stays balanced.

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cadillac celestiq

The Celestiq makes it easy to charge your EV vehicle too. With 10 minutes at a public DC fast charging station, drivers will get 78 miles of range and the Ultium Charge 360 technology allows access to 110,000 publicly available charging points throughout North America, all easily found on the myCadillac Mobile app.

The Celestiq will come at a cost, with the base model starting at $340,000. But with all the customization and new technology — and a reduced environmental footprint — it’s definitely worth it. Just be prepared to keep your ride garaged in the winter as the 23-inch Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires, though designed specifically for Cadillac, work only in the summer.

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