7 Top Entertaining TV Shows for Christmas Break Viewing

You can enjoy some wonderful television during Christmas.


Dec. 13 2023, Published 3:49 p.m. ET


In fact, many people have cherished memories of bundling up and watching holiday programs on TV with their loved ones. As holiday stories, both old and new, start to dominate the winter airwaves, Christmas will surely be on your mind this December. So, kick back and indulge in these seasonal shows to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

What Shows to Watch Now on Christmas Break?

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#1 The Santa Clauses

If you loved The Santa Clause and its sequels growing up, you might discover yourself equally captivated by The Santa Clauses. It's a spin-off TV series that continues the story ten years after the film series. Most of the main cast reprised their roles, including Tim Allen as Santa himself. However, the show's charm lies in its unadulterated enthusiasm for Christmas as a holiday.

If you're not one for Christmas sentimentality, The Santa Clauses might not be your cup of tea. But for everyone else, it's sweeter than Santa's milk and cookies.

#2 The Great Christmas Light Fight

You know there's always that one family in your town who goes above and beyond with their festive decorations, transforming their holiday into a full-fledged construction project. This captivating reality show puts a spotlight on these families as they compete to create the most dazzling and whimsical displays out of their homes, resulting in nothing short of Christmas miracles.

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From magnificent gingerbread mansions to charming candy cane cottages, contestants continuously craft these incredible holiday-themed homes as the series marches on into its 11th season. Even if you're not into decorating your own house for Christmas, you'll still be captivated by the enchanting winter wonderlands that come to life on screen.

#3 Wife Swap

Wife Swap, a reality TV series, entertained, educated, and sparked controversy by showcasing two wives who were typically extreme opposites. These women would switch families briefly, encountering daunting challenges as they adapted to their new environments. Along the way, they discovered how to effectively balance their households and embrace novel experiences. If you watch Wife Swap during the holidays, you definitely won’t regret the time spent. If you are looking for Wife Swap streaming, then on the VeePN website you can find a detailed list of platforms where the show is available.

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#4 Hawkeye

You can expect a rare superhero tale set during the holiday season in Hawkeye. Follow along as the least powerful Avenger teams up with Kate Bishop to confront a gang in New York just before Christmas arrives.

Hailee Steinfeld shines in her perfect portrayal of Bishop, while Jeremy Renner reminds us of his genuine acting prowess in this role. Hawkeye has faced numerous challenges during his time as an Avenger, but what truly sets the show apart is its ability to balance the character's past traumas with a lighthearted and playful tone.

#5 Lupin

If you're intrigued by Poirot, left puzzled by Miss Marple, and hooked by Sherlock Holmes, this series could be perfect for you. However, this story takes a different perspective, following the charming gentleman thief, Assane Diop. Assane is inspired by the character Arsène Lupin and uses the fictional thief's methods to seek revenge for his wrongfully accused father. The show, released in January 2021, quickly gained popularity, being watched by 70 million households in just one month. Furthermore, "Lupin" became the most-watched non-English series on Netflix at the time. If you enjoy mystery, thrills, and deception, this show will captivate you during the holiday season.

In fact, good streaming shows are available in large quantities, but not everywhere. In case you have a favorite but it is not available in your country, just use a VPN that works with Edge or Chrome. There are extensions for all popular browsers, just choose your option.

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#6 The Bear

It thrusts you into the immensely stressful world of Chicago cheffing, leaving barely a moment to pause and savor the beef shin ragu. Season two slows things down marginally (except for the relentless Christmas dinner flashback episode). It features Jeremy Allen White's intense Carmen Berzatto leading his kitchen brigade as they strive to open a Michelin-star-worthy restaurant at the location of his late brother's sandwich shop. This time, there's a touch of romance mixed in, as Carmy navigates a relationship with his childhood crush Claire (Molly Gordon).

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#7 Succession

You could argue that Jesse Armstrong, the creator of Succession, and his co-writers had the option to squeeze in a few more seasons of their critically acclaimed satire. It's not like they were lacking inspiration or stinging comebacks. A less daring show might have saved that major twist for much later in the final stretch. But Succession executed it flawlessly. It presented its "winner" and a slew of losers at exactly the right time. It tied up its biggest question—what would happen to the kids without their father's unique brand of sneering, coercive control to keep them in check?—in a series of episodes that were brilliantly conceived and impeccably acted. Succession transforms capitalism's most unsettling truths into irresistible entertainment.

You'll find a plethora of new movies hitting the theaters this holiday season. But if you're in the mood to binge-watch, there's no shortage of merry TV shows available for streaming online. Moreover, you'll discover an abundance of entertaining holiday specials.

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