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Black Comedians Revolutionizing Humor on Social Media

Discover how today's black comedians utilize social media to offer fresh perspectives, break barriers, and create viral content. Join the humor revolution online!


Sep. 6 2023, Published 3:57 a.m. ET

There is no black comedian that is not feasible on social media these days. Though some of them were skeptical about mixing real-life stage comedy acts with social media they have come to realize the huge opportunities and wide reach social media has in getting their content to go viral.

Aside from popular comedians like Eddy Murphy, Chris Rock and Jay Pharaoh, young and upcoming black comedians are very active on social media, and they even find it easier to attract more followers and break into new demographics through their social media pages. The following is the highlight of how black comedians are redefining humor on social media.

Genuine Representation

Black comedians are redefining humor by ensuring an authentic representation of the cultural background, and experiences. They mic the way black people in different countries worldwide speak, and behave. They often share their experiences and observations through their jokes thus challenging stereotypes and offering new perspectives on different social issues.

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They Continue to Break Barriers

Black comedians have broken the traditional barriers like the TV and instead rely on top social platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube to enter into the comedy industry. This means they don’t have to rely on the mainstream channels to get exposure, rather, they now showcase their talents globally, independently to access diverse audiences globally.

Humor in Cultural Commentary

Black comedians are revolutionizing the craft with the use of humor to run commentaries. They often use such commentaries to deal with social norms, including racial aggression, and misrepresentation. They continue to use cultural commentaries in such a way that their content is thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. By doing this, they keep their audiences engaged with different conversations.

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They Create Viral Challenges

Dance challenges, funny acting challenges, and jokes challenges are some of the commonest, trending comedies on social media today. These are skits and memes that quickly go viral online and they can be relatable events that take on everyday life issues. These skits or viral challenges have continued to create some widespread challenges or participation by the public.

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More Diversity and Community Building

Black comedians have been able to use social media and their craft to expand their fan bases and strengthen communities. Through their social media comments and engagement, they have initiated lots of collaboration and inclusive spaces where people from all backgrounds can come together to share content and be entertained

Social media has paved the way for comedians to diversify the entertainment industry. They have also expanded monetization and career projection opportunities for established and upcoming comedians to generate streams of income. Social media has created more freedom for content creators to create different formats, styles, and lengths of content that resonate with different audiences.

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Current Black Comedians Who Gained Popularity Via Social Media

According to Essence Media Online, there are dozens of comedians who hit fame on social media, the most prominent ones are; Jasmin Brown “Jazzy”

known for viral videos like “Disrespectful Girlfriend”, Antonio Neville who is popular for his “HeyTonyTV” comedy series, and Kountry Waye who is popular for his character as “Sugar Daddy” in his comedy series “Drip.”

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