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Bleu Magazine Presents Rayan vs K9

Rayan Lawrence took the STARZ hit series BMF by storm this season playing the role of K9.


Mar. 29 2023, Published 2:00 p.m. ET

Rayan Lawrence took the STARZ hit series BMF by storm this season playing the role of K9.


While K9’s piercing personality is one of a leader that takes his business seriously and has harsh, sometimes deadly consequences for those who do not fall in line, Lawrence’s personality is the ladder. Playing such a powerful role, Bleu magazine wanted to know who is the person behind K9. WE wanted to know who Lawrence is and how this individual prepared to play such a moving role on the show.

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When you were originally casted for K9, what were your thoughts of the character?

Initially I was hyped to be casted, but when I realized I had only one scene in season 1, being an artist, I wanted more. The Executive Producer, Randy Huggins, did not tell me until it was time to start prepping and filming for season 2 the significance of my role as k9. I left season 1 thinking I was possibly one season and done. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

This season your character, K9 expands, tell us about it.

This season you see a ruthless character and you see how [K9] handles business. K9 is

not one to mess with.

This is your second season on BMF playing the role of K9, how did you go into this season differently as an individual compared to season 1.

Last season I only had one scene, this season the character of K9 really expands and you see his impact, so the preparation was different. I hired my acting coach, Shiek Mahmud-Bey of Shiek Studios. I had prayer calls with my sister and my friends would send me prayers to keep me going. It was important for me to stay close to God. As a Jamaican, I am a big fan of reggae music, however, when prepping for his character, I found myself listening to reggae less and DMX more.

(*laughs*) Sometimes I would still be in character outside of filming and my friends would bring me back to my reggae roots.

BMF is no stranger to being in rap lyrics, documentaries, videos, social media posts, etc.…

Prior to landing the role of K9, what did you know about the Black Mafia Family?

I just knew about them (BMF) partying heavily and having all the women in the clubs. Their big diamond chains did influence me to change my gold jewelry to white gold (*laughs*) Also, I did admire how the crew held each other down and took care of one another. Taking care of your family is important to me.

What is a fun act about yourself that you would like for your supporters to know?

I try to answer every DM. I am very interactive with my supporters. Also, I am a big-time dance hall dancer.

What is some advice you would give K9?

I would tell K9 that “I understand that you don’t take disrespect, but you don’t have to be so mean. You also have a family, slow down.”

How do you care for your mental health and self-care while filming such an intense series?

Prayer, I need to stay close to God, communication with friends and family keep me in the right mindset and playing NBA 2K.

If you could use 3 words to describe K9, what would the 3 words be?

  1. Ruthless

  2. Loyal

  3. Respected

If you could use 3 words to describe Rayan, what would the 3 words be?

  1. Go Getter

  2. Charming

  3. Loyal

You came into the industry as a model and transition into an actor, how was the transition for you?

I initially thought it (acting) was going to be easy after the first booking. However, acting is constant work of learning lines and learning the character. Modeling you are just there posing.

What is your dream role?

My dream role is to play a detective or an FBI agent, but I want to be the lead in the role and do a lot of (on the job) training for it.

What does the future hold for you?

BIG THINGS! I have a film coming out called “first comes love then comes murder.” I also want to get into directing/producing, and ultimately be the lead in a multimillion dollar film.

While myself and K9 have two different personalities, I think we all can agree both the actor and the character hold family and loyalty to high regard. We must watch the rest of the season of BMF to see the outcome of K9. Most importantly, it is without a doubt that we will not be seeing the last of Rayan Lawrence on and behind the camera.

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