Caleb McLaughlin

The Charitable Side of Caleb McLaughlin: His Work Off-Screen

Discover the inspiring off-screen life of Caleb McLaughlin. Learn about his dedication to charity work and impact on communities in need.


Dec. 12 2023, Published 10:20 p.m. ET

Have you ever thought about what else Caleb McLaughlin does aside from his amazing talent displayed on your screen?

Well, follow closely. As you probably would guess, he has a passion for his craft and he is confident about continued success in the entertainment industry.

He's got talent. We know. And here's why we keep anticipating his projects and performances.

Here's one cool fact about Caleb….

He was just 14 when he appeared in Stranger Things. That record-breaking TV show debuted on Netflix in 2016. Yes, just 14; However, he has played a huge role in giving back to the masses.

Caleb McLaughlin's Charity Involvement and Work

The handsome-looking young man is not just an entertainer. Since his breakout role in Stranger Things, Caleb has been a big inspiration to the young generation. However, there is even more to emulate from him.

He became a cheerful giver at a young age. He is a personality you'll find quite active in charitable causes. He founded the Toa Foundation Inc., a non-profit making organization that focuses on supporting personal and mental development globally.

As you will imagine, his good deeds made him an active member of the Jr. NBA Leadership Council. It's good to know he's got a deep interest in basketball. And he extends his charitable acts here too by investing in young players.

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Good deeds, they say, do not go unnoticed. Guess whose attention he got.

According to the statement from Dior, McLaughlin's selection is directly linked to his commitment to philanthropy.

To some, you give when you have excess, but for Caleb McLaughlin, the act of giving is meant to be a way of life everyone should teach.

In the year 2020, he collaborated with The Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong to support the American Cancer Society and National Football League’s crucial Catch campaign. Ken was so happy to partner with the two organizations – the NFL and ACS – in the fight against cancer. He expressed in an interview how it was a cause near and dear to his heart because his wife is also a breast cancer survivor.

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In response to news of the collaboration, Caleb spoke about the topic of cancer and inherent discrimination: “There is no room for discrimination when it comes to cancer.”

According to him, cancer affects everyone, particularly those in communities with fewer privileges and who cannot afford the resources needed for screening exercises. He was indeed happy to be partnering with the NFL and the American Cancer Society for the 2020 Super Bowl.

He also announced that 100% of the funds raised will help benefit many people who are in desperate need of lifesaving screening/treatments.

Caleb McLaughlin’s Life Off-Screen

Caleb is a cheerful giver and a man with a good heart, but he does not let all these get into his head. He continues to reiterate that his parents are still with him to keep him grounded.

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