Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog

10 Black Animated Characters Who Stole Our Hearts

Discover the impact of 10 black animated characters, from Princess Tiana to Cyborg, who have redefined representation and won our hearts.


Feb. 9 2024, Published 8:57 p.m. ET

Representation. The word gets thrown around quite a lot, especially among the Black community. But why does representation matter so much and why is there so much focus on it, particularly when it comes to children's media? The underlying reason is that for as long, far too long in fact, Black communities have not had fair and equal representation in media- especially children's media. Diverse Education highlighted this quite clearly: "Historically, Black people have been both underrepresented and misrepresented on-screen.... Children’s media has been no exception to these complex concerns. The consumption of images portrayed in media has the capability to influence the perceptions and behaviors of Black children, especially girls."

Black representation in animation has come a long way, with beloved shows featuring inspiring and groundbreaking black lead characters. We’re highlighting ten pioneering black animated characters and their cultural impact:

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The Trailblazing Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog stands out as Disney’s first African American princess. As an ambitious and hardworking young woman possessing remarkable resilience, Tiana plays an integral part in redefining stereotypical princess roles. She holds down multiple jobs to achieve her dream of owning her own restaurant, demonstrating admirable dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

Toy Doc Pioneer - Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins from the show of the same name is also a wonderful role model for young Black girls. As an inspiring doctor who heals and cares for her toys. Doc McStuffins promotes themes of nurturing, leadership, and perseverance. Her confident diagnosis and treatment of her toy patients highlight her compassion and intelligence in imaginative play scenarios that young kids easily relate to.

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Susie Carmichael’s Voice of Sassy Reason

The hilariously wry Susie Carmichael from Rugrats lends a necessary sharp perspective to the group of clueless babies. Susie frequently acts as the rational voice of reason, questioning outrageous ideas. Her go-getter attitude and competitive spark keep the babies on their toes, adding flair and sassy charm to the show’s adventurous storylines.

Our Favorite Endearing Optimist - Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show maintains endearing optimism and a good nature even as the typical Griffin family cynicism surrounds him. No matter how many misadventures he stumbles into, Cleveland’s calm demeanor provides comedic relief and grounds the shows in humility and heart as he imparts nuggets of hard-earned wisdom.

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Frozone’s Cool Tactical Support

Frozone from Pixar’s The Incredibles franchise controls awe-inspiring freeze powers with orderly precision, lending crucial tactical support on secret superhero missions. Even amidst explosive battles, Frozone keeps a cool, collected presence of mind, providing rational deliberation while freezing adversaries in their tracks with his wittily delivered ice blasts.

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Numbuh 5 - Our Gutsy Pragmatic Leader

The streetwise Numbuh 5 of Codename: Kids Next Door brings a bold dose of reality to counter her squadmates’ outlandish plans with clever pragmatism and resourceful tricks. She confidently steps up to lead when necessary, charging into action with a gutsy, no-nonsense approach grounded in experience and quick thinking.

Riley the Radical Revolutionary

Riley Freeman, the rebellious troublemaker of The Boondocks, never holds back from confronting institutions of power. As a radical revolutionary full of passion and ideological intensity, Riley aggressively challenges social and political controversies that enrage him. His fiery rhetoric highlights racial injustices through a fiercely confrontational, militant perspective true to the socially conscious series’ themes.

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Snarky Skeptic Winston Zeddemore

Winston Zeddemore, the Ghostbusters’ fourth member, shifted team dynamics with his pragmatic, deadpan point-of-view, keeping paranormal mysteries grounded when things get weird. Winston asks common sense questions amidst the scientific psychobabble, playing the role of both the audience and the straight man with a healthy dose of snarky skepticism.

Gerald, Arnold’s Trusted Advisor

Gerald Johanssen functions as much more than the sidekick on Hey Arnold, assuming an integral role as Arnold’s reliable best friend full of wisdom. Though often comic relief due to his goofy fun-loving antics, Gerald acts as Arnold's most trusted advisor, providing the sage guidance Arnold lacks to balance out his overly idealistic naivete.

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The Complex Duality of Cyborg

Finally, DC superhero Cyborg plays a pivotal part among younger generations as one of the most prominent black superheroes, starring on Cartoon Network's Teen Titans franchise for years. His tragic path to becoming half-robot imbued Cyborg with formidable firepower but also poignant angst underneath. Cyborg strives to retain his humanity in the face of great adversity, a resonant arc exemplifying the complex duality of superhero life.

Iconic Influencers Making Their Mark

The evolution of such multi-dimensional, unique black leads marks a significant milestone in animation. By breaking barriers and providing new animation role models, these iconic characters usher positive representation onto new horizons. The creative minds that write, animate, and voice these beloved characters are leaving their mark on the hearts and Black families everywhere. It is just another example of how representation matters and how the push for better representation in the media is changing things for the better!

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