Charting Success: The Story Behind Dixson's Hit

Dive into the artistry and inspiration behind Dixson's heart-stirring new single "Friends," reflecting on success and the richness of relationships.


Nov. 3 2023, Published 11:11 p.m. ET

Since hitting the music scene with his appearance in The Voice season 9, Darius Scott, aka Dixson, has been moving many with his sensational musical talent. There is nothing in music he can't do. He’s a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer—all of it!

And his portfolio is equally as impressive. He has written and produced music for big names like Justin Bieber, YEBRA, Chika, Kirk Franklin, and BOSCO. One of his most iconic involvements has to be producing half of Chance the Rapper's project, “The Big Day”, and now he’s back with a new single, “Friends”.

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Bringing Back Passion Into Life Through Creative Craft

Everything he touches turns to gold, and this single is no different. The song revolves around success, self-confidence, and relationships, talking about enjoying the pleasures of life and what you already have as you work for more. He draws some crucial inspirations from his own experiences, using them as a charge to navigate life and deal with the situations it throws in the way.

From Studio Sessions to Soulful Serenades

Even in his previous releases, Dixson has always been down to getting emotional and vulnerable. In this one, he gets at it even harder. Fueled by raw emotions and personal experiences, he pours his heart into a melody that amplifies the complexities of friendship. He celebrates the joys and heartbreaks in these precious bonds of friendships, a universal sentiment that goes beyond any race or culture.

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Mood-Defining Lyrics

The lyrics capture an indulgent and romantic night out with a partner. In the first verse, he acknowledges a turbulent relationship but is unmoved by its storms, focusing on the partner's charm and allure.

He proceeds to talk about his success in the pre-chorus and how it has attracted the public’s attention to his life. In the chorus, he annotates a possible thrilling night out with friends, leaving everything behind to enjoy what they’ve been working for all along.

In the second verse, he comes in with an intimate and playful tone, gassing up the listener not to shy away from indulging in what makes them happy and enjoying life’s pleasure. With a carefree undertone, the song breeds passion and confidence to take on life and create memorable experiences worth remembering.

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Coming From the Shadows

This is his first release after his 2022 project “004DAISY”, which features top artists like Tinashe in “Heat” and Sevyn Streeter in “Cherry Sorbet”. He has been relatively silent in 2023, given how busy he’s been for the past couple of years. In 2021, he released his debut EP, “Darling”, which had seven tracks featuring guest appearances from Inayah and India Shawn. His steamy bedroom track “ Kream” was also part of the release.

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In the same year, he worked on one of his most impactful projects, Beyonce’s “Be Alive”, which he co-wrote and produced with Bey. The song was nominated for the Best Original Song at both the 79th Golden Globes and the 94th Academy Awards. The song also earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Song Written For Visual Media.

These nominations were such giant leaps in his career, as he says he didn't expect to be nominated so early, terming it an honor to work with one of the world's biggest music talents.

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A Song Well Deserving of Its Place on Top of the Chats

Artistically sharing a mood with the world in such a calming melody deserves its spot in the mentions. This is one of those that you put on repeat, just so the theme can sink in you. It spreads a confident attitude towards relationships and success, sending waves of self-assurance in your achievements while giving you a hunger to move forward and get more wins.

As a listener, you can't help but dig more into his other projects, jamming to them as you look forward to more, for the best is yet to come from this iconic talent.

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