Viral Influencer Mychal the Librarian Quit Social Media to Focus on His Mental Health — Here's Why

Viral influencer Mychal the Librarian captured America's heart— but he quit social media. Here's what you need to know about the controversy.


Mar. 6 2024, Updated 6:18 p.m. ET

For many years, Mychal the Librarian’s job at ​​Fairfield Civic Center Library in Solano County, Calif. gave him the freedom to be his authentic self without fear of judgment or critique — or so he thought.

Throughout his life, Mychal Threets has prided himself on being a lover of books. This passion prompted him to become a librarian, an occupation that he took very seriously.

Up until now, Mychal posted snippets of his work at the library and shared his love for books on TikTok, which helped him to connect with his core audience and boosted his following.

He became so popular on the platform that his enthusiasm for his job earned him a New York Times feature, where his take on library joy was highlighted.

However, things got weird when one fateful day after one of Mychal’s happy-go-lucky TikTok videos began to circulate on Twitter and received a myriad of insults from online trolls.

The controversy led the influencer to resign from his job. Now, people want to know what happened.

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Source: Instagram/@mychal3ts

Mychal the librarian in black hoodie

What happened to Mychal the Librarian? Here's a breakdown of the controversy.

Online trolls can twist narratives and make even the most wholesome moments unsavory, and that is exactly what happened to Mychal.

Although he's been popular on social media online for a while now, it wasn't until early 2024 that he took center stage on Twitter and made headlines. When one of his videos went viral, he was spammed with insults.

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The scathing comments (likely posted by rage baiters) attacked his looks and speculated that children weren't safe around him because he had a "dark energy." Additionally, trolls attacked his looks and suggested that Mychal had a disability or developmental delay.

Mychal’s situation triggered a debate about bully culture on social media.

mychal the librarian on gma
Source: Instagram/@mychal3ts

Mychal the librarian smiling before his GMA appearance

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A wave of kind supporters expressed their opinions on the matter, cheering Mychal on for being a “light in the world” and a kind-hearted individual.

While reflecting on the viral attack in his conversation with the Washington Post, Mychal shared how the unsettling moment impacted him. He also responded to the insults made about him online.

"There is nothing wrong with being weird,” he said. “I have some of the weirdest friends in the world. They are extraordinary and they are amazing because of their weirdness.”

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Why did Mychal the Librarian resign from his job?

The fallout on social media led Mychal to make a major career move.

After spending a decade as a librarian, he took a step back from his job to focus on his mental health. In an announcement on social media, Mychal thanked his community for supporting him, sharing that he would be taking a break.

“Dear Solano County Library, I just want to say thank you," he said. "Thank you for raising me as a home-schooled library kid. This is a place where I’ve always felt safe, where I’ve always felt where I belong.”

But fans may not have to wait long before Mychal is back on their screens. According to reports, he is off to do bigger and better things.

While details are unclear, Mychal announced an exciting project that he has been working on. He will be PBS’s resident librarian for an upcoming social media series@ Sources say that he is also working on literary advocacy in this next chapter.

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Although Mychal has resigned from his role at the library, his work is far from over.

“Library joy in its simplest form is just the joy of the library," Mychal told HuffPost. "It is [fostering that sense of] belonging."

“I keep on saying that the library is for everybody: library kids, library grown-ups, mentally ill, unhoused. I love telling people that they don’t have to leave their anxiety, depression or PTSD outside the library. There’s no sign that says you can’t bring your anxiety in.”

We are rooting for Mychal and can’t wait to see what’s next in his future.

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