Recording artist Lil Uzi Vert attends the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City.
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Tatted Up: Check Out Lil Uzi’s Tattoos and the Deeper Meanings Behind Them

Lil Uzi is known for his ink and piercings — now he wants to get them all removed. Here are the deeper meanings behind his dozens of tattoos.


Jan. 26 2024, Updated 4:57 p.m. ET

Lil Uzi may be known for his energetic performances and unique lyrics but another thing that stands out about him is his tattoos and piercings. However, Uzi has reportedly decided to remove them all.

When asked which one is his favorite he told LA Weekly: "I'm trying to get them removed. All of them. I wanna go corporate." When asked which is his favorite he explained. "My favorite tattoo? None of them."

It appears by measuring the amount of ink the artist has that having the tattoos removed would be very painful — especially since a lot of them have sentimental value.

So, what's the deeper meaning behind the rapper's tattoos? Read to find out.

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Lil Uzi has "Faith" tattooed on his forehead.

.Lil Uzi Vert performs during Day 1 of Wireless Festival 2021.
Source: Joseph Okpako/WireImage

One of Lil Uzi's most recognizable tats is the word "faith" that's in cursive on his forehead. It was the first ever face tattoo and the rapper actually used the tattoo as a catalyst for change. He realized that he wasn't capable of working a 9-5 because he had intense dreams of becoming a rapper — so he decided to quit his job after 4 days.

His mother kicked him out of the house as a result, and he got his first face tattoo so that he could no longer settle for working a regular job.

Uzi told Fader in 2017: "I couldn’t do it. I'm not normal. I was in there just thinking, Why am I doing this? It was like, If I get this face tattoo, I got to focus. I can’t go in nobody’s office with a suit on with this s**t on my face. I got to focus on what I want to do."

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Lil Uzi has an Adinkra symbol that means "God Is King" on his cheek.

Lil Uzi Vert has several Adinkra symbols, which originate from the Asante tribe and are often used in African textiles, including the circular symbol underneath his eye that means "God Is King."

Lil Uzi repped his hometown with a "215" tattoo on his chest.

lil uzi vert  tattoo on his chest
Source: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Lil Uzi Vert performs at S.O.B.'s on February 24, 2016.

This ink is Uzi’s way of paying homage to the area he was born and raised in — Philadelphia. The rapper constantly makes sure to shout out his hometown in his music. But you can't see his "215" tat anymore since gotten a large cover-up tattoo of what looks like a ram and a snake that spans his entire chest and abdomen.

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Lil Uzi had his old band's name tattooed on his stomach.

Uzi got this tattoo when he used to go by the stage name Sealab Vertica. In his hometown, he was a member of a rap group named Steaktown. They collaborated on a song named “ Steaktown Anthem” that became very popular.

He's since gotten that one covered up, too.

Lil Uzi got "RIP Chico" tatted on his forearm after a friend's death.

Uzi's childhood friend Chico was killed by rival gang members in Philadelphia. The rapper went on to record unreleased music grieving his friend and got this tattoo to remember him forever.

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Lil Uzi has a cat with an eye patch tattooed on his neck.

lil uzi vert neck cat tattoo
Source: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for West Coast Cure

Jerett Wasserman and Lil Uzi Vert attend Rolling Loud.

This tattoo doesn't reference anything from his personal life. Instead, this tat was inspired by one of Uzi’s favorite movies — A Place Beyond The Pines. The main character has the same tattoo on his forearm.

Lil Uzi has the initials “LUV” tattooed to fingers.

Uzi has the letters L, U, and V, inked on each knuckle of the left hand. LUV is an acronym for his stage name, Lil Uzi Vert. The rapper's real name is Symere Bysil Woods.

Lil Uzi Has an inverted Latin cross tattooed on his tongue.

Lil Uzi has a tongue tattoo of an inverted Latin cross, which takes inspiration from the Cross of Saint Peter.

Inverted crosses are often associated with the devil but the rapper previously clarified that he does not believe in Satan.

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