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Mandla Morris Is Carving His Fashion Path Beyond Dad Stevie Wonder's Shadow

Explore how Mandla Morris, son of Stevie Wonder, is carving a unique niche in fashion with his modeling career and MM2 clothing line. Discover his impact!


Dec. 22 2023, Published 7:35 p.m. ET

Mandla Morris has shown great influence in the fashion industry as a young designer and model, in different ways. He has successfully carved his unique path even though he is the son of legendary singer, Stevie Wonder.

Instead, Mandla was influenced by her mother’s fashion brand (Kai Milla) and decided to carve a niche in the fashion industry while still working on his music and acting careers.

Let’s take a look at what Mandla has said about his fashion ambitions.

Mandla’s Modelling Career

One of the ways through which Mandla influenced the fashion world is through his modeling career. Aside from building his brand, he worked with several top designers and brands in the industry.

He has walked on the runway at top fashion shows in Paris, New York, London, and other major cities in the world. He has also been featured in fashion campaigns that showcase his talent and lovely fashion wear and accessories. His modeling career significantly raised his profile and influence in the fashion industry.

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He Is Already Working on Creative Designs

Mandla hopes to pursue a career in fashion and has even started designing clothing. “Fashion is definitely an interest of mine,” he told WWD. “I got kind of into it from there, and now I’m starting to sketch designs and meet with Dior’s Kim Jones.”

In another interview with The New York Times, Mandla also revealed that he is inspired by designers Virgil Abloh and Pyer Moss.

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He went on to describe his clothing as “high-end streetwear,” and even shared that Dior designer Kim Jones “really liked,” his flared trousers with side zippers design.

Mandla Is More Than Just Stevie Wonder’s Son

Despite his famous last name, Mandla is determined to succeed on his own merit, and along with fashion, Mandla is also pursuing a career in music and acting.

In 2018, he appeared in the Oscar-winning movie A Star Is Born, alongside Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, and he hopes to add more to his resume.

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He also has plans to release his own music, something he is working hard at.

“Music has always been there for me," he told Paper magazine in 2020. "Watching my dad play the piano at home, or seeing him on tour or in the studio. I've always had a love for it."

He continued, “I love listening to soul. I love listening to hip-hop, but in order to really know your music, you have to study not just what you like but different genres, as well.”

Mandla Morris's Influence Extends Beyond Fashion

Mandla is a triple threat, and he is barely out of high school. However, as the son of a music legend and a celebrity fashion designer, the sky's the limit.

“He definitely gives me some advice, that it’s not going to be easy,” he told WWD of his father. “There’s a little bit of pressure, having a dad with such a big name; people are going to be like ‘Oh, now he’s creating music.’ It’ll be all eyes on me.”

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