Michael B. Jordan’s Style Evolution: From Actor to Fashion Icon

Discover Michael Jordan's remarkable transition from basketball legend to style maven, and his influence on fashion beyond the hoops.


Aug. 21 2023, Updated 10:23 p.m. ET

Michael Bakari Jordan undoubtedly has the most enviable body in Hollywood. It’s little wonder he was the “sexiest man alive” as named by People magazine in 2020.

But it's not just about his sexy body…

Michael B. Jordan is also a knockout dresser with a knack for making casual wear look quite sophisticated.

And all his looks can be easily copied. Here are all the tricks that have made him the fashion god he is.

From Gala Looks to His Simple Everyday Style

He played a key role in Black Panther and Creed. And that means one thing. He has pushed his body to the limit under hard training due to the script’s demands.

The actor has walked halfway around the world and the best red carpets, displaying his acting skills and style.

However, he seems to be one of the great forgotten when the lists of the most elegant are put on the table. How he has evolved from just an actor to a fashion icon deserves some accolades.

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Could Michael B. Jordan also be considered the style icon that no one is paying attention to? Without a doubt!

Let's leave aside his outstanding looks from posh events, such as the Met gala or world premieres in which he stunts with pieces like the famous Louis Vuitton harness.

Truth is, Jordan has the look of that colleague who always dresses well without looking like he’s tried so hard for it.

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It doesn’t matter if you call him at the last minute to go out for a drink; he always shows up looking cool.

Best of all, analyzing his style choices, he doesn’t wear anything outlandish.

Most of his looks are available to everyone. So it is easy to copy them if you want to. Possibly, that makes the actor a reference fashion guide in real life.

Decoding His Style Tricks

His tricks – if you can call it that – when it comes to dressing are simple.

His favorite color, because that’s what I see him most in, is black, without a doubt. It's classic. Plus, you can wear it day or night. In suits, in casual wear, the list goes on and on. His go-to brands are Tom Ford, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Coach (he became their new face in 2018).

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He loves layers, like a leather jacket with a sweatshirt underneath, because you feel like you’re wearing armor.

When temperatures rise, it is a combo that transforms into a basic t-shirt (white or black) with another garment on top (an XXL checked overshirt, an oversized cardigan, or a fluid short-sleeved shirt).

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The key?

The proportions: tighter garments in the lower layers and slightly looser in the upper ones. On the bottom, he usually chooses slim fit or straight pants to compensate for the volume of the top. And on the feet, almost always Air Jordans.

If you haven’t noticed Michael B. Jordan before, maybe you should start doing so!

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