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5 Up-and-Coming Black Designers to Watch in Fashion

Meet the up-and-coming Black fashion designers making waves in the industry with their unique styles, cultural influences, and trend-defining designs.


Dec. 3 2023, Published 3:01 p.m. ET

Fashion trends are always changing, but Black fashion designers are more than just keeping up their making an impact. In the last ten years, these trendsetters have been breaking stereotypes, attracting followers, and dressing prominent figures. They are challenging the usual and redefining what it means to be stylish. Check out five top fashion designers leading this big change.

Stella Jean once said, "Fashion can be used as a cultural translator and a tool against colonization; it re-establishes the balance between symbols, stories and different worlds through style." This is never more true than it is right now!

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Emerging Black Fashion Designers

    • Romeo Hunte: Enjoy the little things in life with designer Romeo Hunte from New York. His clothes mix streetwear and classic styles, focusing on details. For example, the brand’s jackets have short flannel cuts, cool acid-wash effects, and tie-dye patterns, and shirt dresses with unique sleeves for a standout look. Celebrities like Michelle Obama and Beyonce have worn Romeo Hunte designs because they make a statement.
    • Daily Paper: In 2012, a group of childhood friends from Amsterdam got together and started a cool fashion and lifestyle brand. Suleiman, Osei, and Trabsini kicked things off back in 2008 with a blog called Daily Paper. Over time, they turned their love for the arts into one of the fastest-growing fashion labels in Europe. Their clothes, for both guys and girls, highlight the rich vibes of African culture and modern life. Keep an eye on these guys – they are doing something awesome.
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    • Christopher John Rogers: He throws killer fashion shows at New York Fashion Week that everyone talks about. He is just 28 from Louisiana, and he has already designed outfits for big names like Michelle Obama and Cardi B. Last year, he won the American Womenswear Designer of the Year award in 2021. He featured a collaboration with Target with bright yellow dresses, flowery prints, puffy sleeves, and a gingham and plaid mix.

    • Dapper Dan (Daniel Day): People love Dapper Dan, the fashion guru from Harlem. He is a big deal for mixing fancy fashion with street style. He has been doing this since the '80s, making unique outfits for hip-hop stars and athletes. In 2017, Gucci teamed up with him, making him even more well-known and showing how cool it is to blend different cultures in fashion.

    • Victor Glemaud: Glemaud is famous for his fantastic knitwear. Once you see his designs, you will probably want to switch out everything in your closet for his creations. If you like lots of colors and color blocking, you may have grabbed something from his 2021 Target collection—it sold out extremely fast.

    Black Fashion Designers Impacting the Industry

    In a world where style speaks volumes, Black fashion designers have crafted narratives that transcend trends, reshaping norms in the industry. Their creative prowess has broken down barriers. Their influence resonates with and challenges outdated norms. Through bold expressions of identity and cultural pride, Black designers inspire change by creating fashion that is more inclusive and representative. Their impact is on the runway, yes. But it is also a revolution of threads, stitches, and the collective heartbeat of a diverse and evolving fashion universe.

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