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Eight “PLANT DADS” who want to share their love of plants

Plant dads are taking over social media platforms


Jul. 28 2023, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

Plant dads are taking over social media platforms

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Plant Daddy Koss

plant dad koss

Plant Daddy Koss is a video creator based in Denver who makes short videos about plants. Many of the videos are comedic in nature and involve plant puns and skits. He has around 150,000 thousand followers on TikTok and around 98,000 followers on Instagram. Koss also produced an app called Blossom, which has plant identification, plant care tips, gardening reminders and a botanist hotline, among many other features. He also uploads fitness videos.

The Plant Papi

the plant papi

Kevin Cliff, known online as The Plant Papi, is a therapist and digital content creator who focuses on mental wellness and his love of plants. He originally created his Instagram page to find other plant lovers, but then started creating his own content. Eventually, his page exploded. Now, Cliff has around 122,000 followers where he can promote his love of plants and mental health. He also uploads content about family, sneakers and anime.

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Adrian Abesamis

adrian abesamis

Adrian Abesamis, known online as “adrianandplants”, is a blogger and video creator from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has around 150,000 followers on Instagram. His video content consists primarily of plant care tutorials with detailed descriptions and instructions in the comment section of the posts. Abesamis is also a seller on Amazon called Plant Thangs. In this store, he sells grow lights, fertilizers, miscellaneous plant care items and pots.

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the black plant man

Durrell, known online as TheBlackPlantMan, is an entrepreneur who sells products involving plants. He has around 114,000 followers on Instagram. His videos consist of primarily plant care tutorials. He also has a store on Amazon including resin flower pots for small indoor plants, self-watering terracotta planter pots and ceramic pots for cacti and other succulents. The resin and ceramic pots are notable for their cute face designs.

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Chaz is an entrepreneur based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is the founder of Noir Plant Club (NPC), which is an online community dedicated to “Black and Brown plant enthusiasts.” NPC aims to “educate, connect and inspire” plant parents. On NPC’s website there are various items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs. On Amazon, NPC sells various plant care products, home decorations and other miscellaneous items.

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Jonny Balchandani

jonny balchandani

Jonny Balchandani, known online as “thebeardedplantaholic”, is an entrepreneur and video creator. He has around 166,000 followers on Instagram. His videos consist primarily of plant care and terrarium tutorials. Balchandani’s love of plants began with his mother’s love of gardening. During the pandemic, he brought his several thousand-piece plant collection to Instagram. He even sells plants on his website. He also has a “plant care playlist” on Spotify.

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Ty, known online as “thatplantguy”, is the owner of a content creation, interior and lifestyle brand. Ty offers various services such as plant installations, consultations, recommendations, routine care and pest mitigation. The pricing varies depending on the service and whether the appointment is in-person or virtual. Consultations vary between $75-$125. He also has an Amazon store where he sells assorted houseplants, gardening tools, fertilizers and pesticides.

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Christopher A. Matthews

christopher a matthews

Christopher A. Matthews, known online as “kingedcam”, is an army veteran who is now a social media personality. Matthews has around 173,000 followers on Instagram and around 100,000 followers on TikTok. His video content consists of primarily humorous skits about life as a plant dad. He also has a store called Cam Theory that sells t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tumblers and even AirPods cases. The products are themed around plants and dogs.

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