Teenear's 'Never Met A Me' Invites You to Reacquaint Yourself with Good Vibes!

The anticipation is palpable as Teenear's latest drop, Never Met a Me, has made its debut.


Jul. 10 2024, Published 3:53 p.m. ET


Photographer: Roo @rootheshooter

The project marks a significant milestone in her career, and she is eager to share her process with the world. The focus track, "Moment," features the iconic Rick Ross, adding an extra layer of excitement to the album's release.

In an exclusive interview with Bleu Mag, the rising star opens up about the inspiration behind her new album, the experience of working with Rick Ross, and her dreams of collaborating with some of music's biggest names.

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The Journey to "Never Met a Me"

Teenear's excitement for her new album is palpable. "My new project is called Never Met a Me and it's coming out tomorrow. I'm super excited. It's been a lot of emotions," she shared. The album represents a significant milestone for Teenear, who sees it as a reintroduction of sorts to the music scene.


Photographer: Roo @rootheshooter

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"This is a moment where I feel like I'm reintroducing myself to the world. It's called 'Never Met a Me' because it's coming from a place of confidence, fully standing in who I am now, and understanding what I want to give to the world," she explained. For Teenear, the album isn't just a collection of songs; it's a declaration of her growth, confidence, and the vibrant energy she's bringing to the table. As she reintroduces herself, she's sharing the moments that have shaped her into the artist she is today.

"Moment" Featuring Rick Ross

The focus track of the album, "Moment," is a collaboration with Rick Ross. Teenear described the single as a celebration of living in the moment, both in love and in life. "It's about just being in the moment, in love, in life, and just enjoying what's happening right now. It makes you feel free and fun, and I'm really excited for people to hear it," she said.

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Working with Rozay was a dream come true for the singer-songwriter. "Ross did his thing and just having his co-sign felt amazing. I'm so excited for everyone to hear it," she said. "He brought a great vibe to the set. He's a huge jokester, so it was just good vibes. Having his co-sign truly means a lot to me because he didn't have to do what he did," she added.

The Essence of "Never Met a Me"

The album is designed to make listeners feel good. She describes it as "feel-good music" that resonates with "the girls, the lovers, and the people who still feel in our generation." She aims to bring warmth and love back into a world that often feels cold. "I feel like it's cold out here, but I'm a lover girl. That's what my project's truly going to reflect," she said.

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Meanwhile, her self-titled track, "Never Met a Me," holds a special place in her heart. "That one definitely came from a place of confidence. It really is the true essence of who I am. It's Teenear," she shared.

Dream Collaborations and Future Plans

When asked about her dream collaborations, Teenear didn't hesitate. "If I go big, I have to say Beyoncé, but I feel like I'll be on her tour. Could you imagine? Oh my God," she exclaimed. She also expressed her admiration for artists like SZA, Tyla, Summer Walker, and H.E.R., hoping to collaborate with them in the future. "I love the females right now. We're definitely taking over and I'm watching them. Hopefully, one day we all get to collab," she added.

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The State of R&B

Addressing the ongoing conversation about the plummeting state of R&B, Teenear emphasized how listeners are eager for more substance in their soundwaves. "People are paying more attention to it again. People are wanting to enjoy real music again, and I feel like we're going in the right direction," she noted. In fact, with her finger on the pulse, Teenear is ready to infuse the genre with fresh energy and authenticity, proving that the heart and soul of pop/R&B are far from fading. "When people listen to my songs, I'm praying and hoping that they connect to it because that's what music is about. It's about being able to connect with other people through similar experiences," she said.

A Message of Love

At the heart of Never Met A Me is a message of love and resilience. Teenear believes in the enduring power of love, even in a world that often seems cynical. "The overall message I feel like is love is still here. I feel like we're in an era where people want to act like they don't love love anymore. It's F boys, F this. And it's like, why? We still love love," she stated.

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The album takes listeners through the highs and lows of relationships, capturing every moment and emotion. "You're going to feel me in each moment of my relationship in the project," she said, admitting that her very own experiences and growth are woven into the fabric of her music, offering a sense of hope and positivity.

Looking Ahead

Following the release of Never Met A Me, Teenear sets her sights on touring. "I do plan to tour. I'm putting it out there from my lips to God's ears," she said. With 12 tracks of feel-good music, Teenear is ready to share her music with the world and connect with fans on a deeper level. Released on June 28, check out Never Met A Me on all streaming platforms. And, don’t forget to hit “follow” on social media at @TeenearR to stay updated on her latest news and tour plans.

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