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Nothing is more futuristic than wearable tech.


Jun. 20 2024, Published 4:02 p.m. ET

Increasingly, it feels like we are living in Steven Speilberg’s version of the future. Between Tesla’s driverless cars and AI-powered dating apps, futuristic technology has never been so ingrained in our everyday lives. And nothing is more futuristic than wearable tech. While Iron Man’s full-body armor is not available for purchase yet, things like in-ear translators and live streaming sunglasses have become a reality, solving problems we’ve dealt with for millennia. Below are some of the most useful (and cool) wearable technologies for non-robots.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

In September of last year, Meta and Ray-Ban released their most recent generation of smart glasses. The discreet camera hidden within the glasses’ frames makes this product a must-have for James Bond wannabes. The glasses, available in three different frame styles, offer wearers the ability to snap photos, chat with Meta AI, call friends, listen to music, and live stream with immediacy. Despite the impressive number of features, including its HD camera, capture button, power button, and open-ear speakers, the glasses are surprisingly sleek. This product is not just for the summer months, as they can also be made to fit your prescription. Connect the glasses to your smartphone through the Meta View app and begin capturing the world through your own eyes… or better yet, spy on your neighbor from the comfort of your shades.

Limitless’ Pendant

Limitless, formerly known as Rewind, announced their new AI-powered pendant last month. The lightweight wearable records transcribes and summarizes meetings and conversations you have throughout the day. The idea, however chilling, has the potential to revolutionize your workflow. With one click you begin recording the meeting in platforms like Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and others. Tap the pendant anytime you want to remember something, and it will bookmark the moment in the final transcript. Press and hold the pendant to ask your personal AI specific questions about meeting details, and it will retrieve the answer for you. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the pendant lasts up to 100 hours, and offers high-level data encryption. How would it feel to never have to take meeting notes again?

Kinekt Designs

If you’re in search of less techy and meticulously curated gadgets, look no further than Kinekt Designs. This small company is dedicated to designing innovative jewelry and other products. Renowned for its Gear Ring, Kinekt Designs offers a diverse range of tantalizing metal gadgets, each serving a unique purpose. The Gear Ring, made of stainless steel, provides wearers with a fidget toy and a fashion statement in one. The spinning contraption is perfect for those who struggle to sit still or fidget with their fingers. Additionally, Kinekt Designs offers a more delicate option known as the Rachel Ring, featuring floral motifs instead of gears while retaining the same interactive design. Both jewelry pieces are priced at $100 and are available in multiple colors. Furthermore, the company also offers click-clacking necklaces, a propeller ring, and a spiritual googly eye bracelet.

Vasco Translator

Language barriers often can be overcome with the use of Google Translate, but real-time translation technology is hard to come by. However, a company called Vasco recently announced a new product that could change that. They are developing a pair of earbuds that can translate 49 different languages as you converse. In real-time, the Vasco Translator E1 can pick up your conversation, identify the spoken language, and translate it directly into your ear. The set, which has not yet been released, is also compatible with previous Vasco translators and can connect to an app on your smartphone. Now, you can have a bilingual conversation with up to 10 people using the mobile app. These earbuds will revolutionize many aspects of communication, including conversations with family abroad, international work meetings, and vacations in foreign countries.

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