Ashton Sanders

Ashton Sanders’s Views on Fitness and Mental Health in Acting

Discover how Ashton Sanders combines fitness and mental health practices to thrive in the demanding acting industry. Explore his wellness strategies.


Nov. 21 2023, Published 2:30 a.m. ET

Ashton Sanders was born Ashton Durrand Sanders in 1995. The American actor for known for his masterpiece performance as the character, Chiron in the movie, Moonlight in 2016. The movie, Moonlight went on to win Academy Awards in 2017.

Ashton is also known for his brilliant performance in movies like “Equalizer 2” which also starred the legendary actor, Denzel Washington. The actor constantly maintains the need to maintain mental well-being and physical fitness to be able to survive in the movie industry. He let out his approach to physical fitness and mental wellbeing in many of his media interviews and these are highlighted below.

Ashton Sanders Emphasize Diverse Training, and Healthy Lifestyle Living

In most of his interviews, Sanders emphasized on the need to condition the body to a regular workout routine. Engaging in regular workout sessions in different forms is the key to maintaining a great fitness level.

Opting for diverse training according to Ashton has helped him keep fit. He particularly goes for workouts that are both challenging and interesting and these include resistance weight training, cardio, martial arts, dancing, and body flexibility training.

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Ashton always propagates a healthy lifestyle to maintain excellent fitness levels. He strictly follows a balanced diet and ensures he stays hydrated whether he is on or off the movie location. He also maintains long resting periods to sustain his fitness routine.

According to him, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very crucial to maintaining sustained energy levels. Ashton didn’t mention if he takes supplements or other medications to support his fitness routine.

Ashton Sanders Promotes Mindfulness, Therapeutic Activities and Emotional Support for Mental Wellbeing

Ashton is on the list of actors who understand the importance of maintaining focus and mental clarity. This is the reason why he practices and promotes meditation and mindfulness in any form to help manage stress and boost creativity.

Ashton is also promoted in therapeutic activities. He engages in hobbies and other activities that serve as some forms of therapy. He likes painting, and writing, and sometimes spends time with nature. These are activities that Ashton believes will aid relaxation and provide a mental break from stressful activities.

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Ashton Sanders believes that everyone should actively seek support. He believes that being part of the entertainment industry always places rigorous emotional stress on him. This is the reason why he advises his colleagues in the industry to actively seek professional help through support networks. Taking such actions, according to Ashton, will help manage anxiety, stress, and other mental health challenges.

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Ashton Sanders Believes in Holistic Wellness Approach

Ashton is one of the actors who promote an all-round approach when it comes to improving mental and physical wellness. It is through holistic wellness that actors and actresses who constantly face the pressure of giving their best performances, will maintain emotional depth steadily in their movie roles.

Ashton pointed out that there should be an individual approach to the way we handle mental and physical wellness. The strategy that works for one person may not be the most suitable for another, hence, there must be an individualized strategy that aligns with a person’s needs, to achieve the best results.

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