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Streaming Success: Black Creators Dominating Digital Platforms

Join the ranks of followers who are captivated by the innovative content from Black creators dominating digital platforms and influencing culture.


Dec. 19 2023, Published 8:02 p.m. ET

In the limitless space of social media, a new wave of Black creators is making significant waves across multiple platforms, captivating audiences with their unique content. From gaming to beauty, poetry, cooking, and comedy, these creators thrive in their niches and are contributing to the inclusivity and diversity among social media influencers today. The list is not exhaustive by any means, but it gives a glimpse into the vibrant worlds of five successful Black creators killing it across social media platforms!

Successful Black Social Media Streamers

  • Keeyuh – Gamer on Twitch: Meet Keeyuh, a force shaking up the Twitch gaming world. Dynamic personality? Absolutely. Gaming skills? Top-notch. She has a crew of dedicated fans hanging on her every move. But the cool part is that Keeyuh's streams are not just about gameplay. They come across like diving into a vibe where everyone gets in on the action, sharing laughs, wins, and losses. Keeyuh transforms gaming into a chill hangout where followers experience victories and defeats. Find her on Twitch.TV/Keeyuh.
  • Nyma Tang – Beauty Influencer on YouTube: Nyma Tang, the beauty maven on YouTube Live, has transformed the beauty industry with her genuine approach. Focusing on inclusivity, she reviews makeup products for all skin tones. Nyma's charm lies in her authenticity, creating a space where everyone feels seen and valued. Discover her on Youtube.com/c/NymaTang.
  • Joél Leon – Poet, Essayist, & Rap Songwriter on X: Joél shares his creativity on X (formerly Twitter), by performing and writing poems, essays, and rap songs for and about Black people. He writes and performs online to share wisdom and spread messages of love. His essay collection, “What Kind of Black Are You,” unapologetically picks apart life as a Black man in America, leaving nothing on the table. Check him out on Twitter.com/JoelakaMaG.
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  • Tabitha Brown – Vegan Cooking & Lifestyle on Instagram: Tabitha Brown is a guru on plant-based living, and she takes her audience beyond their imaginations on Instagram. Her entertainment style is a mashup of humor, veganism, and motivation. Her vibrant personality and mouth-watering vegan recipes have earned her a massive following. Tabitha's cooking sessions are more than culinary adventures. They are a celebration of a wholesome, holistic lifestyle. Connect with her on Instagram.com/@IAmTabithaBrown.
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  • Dtay.Known – Comedy Skits on TikTok: In the realm of quick laughter, Dtay.Known reigns supreme on TikTok. His comedic skits resonate with a diverse audience, offering a delightful escape into the world of humor. With impeccable timing, relatable content, and expert editing and production, Dtay.Known has become a go-to source for laughter in the fast-paced world of short-form video content. Meet him on TikTok.com/@Dtay.Known.
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Impact of Black Social Media Influencers

Black creators like the five above stand out for their talents and genuine connections with their audiences. They create content, yes. But they build community as well. Being influencers, they make spaces where diverse people come together. Creativity in Black excellence shows in how they use the power of social media to connect people across screens. As the sphere of online content expands, creators like these serve as inspirations and foster a sense of unity in the digital domain.

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