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9 Fitness Apps Developed by Black Tech Entrepreneurs

Elevate your fitness routine with these 9 dynamic apps created by Black tech entrepreneurs focused on exercise, nutrition, and wellness.


Dec. 28 2023, Published 9:17 p.m. ET

Are you ready to take your fitness to another level this year? Check out some of the top Black-owned fitness apps that are currently making waves worldwide. These apps fit into different fitness categories, while some are all-round fitness trainers incorporating diet, workout, and mental wellness, others are designed for a specific purpose.

Fitness can be achieved anywhere, even when you are on vacation, at work, or in any public place. Remember to check out the device and download requirements for any of the apps reviewed below before installing them.

1. Samaria Ari Fitness App by Samaria Cozart

Samaria Ari is a CPT-certified trainer and she developed this app to promote a healthy lifestyle through fitness regimen and nutritional changes. The realistic plans created on this app are straightforward.

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2. Powered by Silver Fox by Vania Dyson

Vania is a popular fitness trainer based in Indianapolis. She has a strong passion for fitness and she is a CPT-certified trainer. Her app provides personalized workouts alongside nutritional plans to help clients achieve all-round improved fitness results.

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3. MFTC App by Monica Peters

With over 30 years of experience in personal training, Monica Peters offers a unique approach to fitness. She uses her app to organize group fitness training and she also manages a physical private training studio. Monica believes in sustainability as the driving force that can help achieve fitness in the long term. The app offers great programs like the “12-week fitness program”, and “30-day challenge”.

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4. TNW Fitness App by Tracy Williams

Tracy Williams works as a certified personal trainer; she is also a sports nutritionist and IFBB-certified professional athlete. She uses her app to inspire and motivate users through knowledge sharing. She contributes knowledge to fitness communities online and uses her app to personalize fitness plans.

5. The Cookout App by Kiki Bryant, Atiyya Hassan, and Cansandra Ossei

This app can only be downloaded via a social media invitation. It is more of a general wellness social app where Black women are encouraged to participate in fitness and mental well-being activities to promote health.

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6. Lion Den Training App by Justin Perkins

Justin Perkin’s motive for creating Lion Den is to share knowledge, especially among the Black community. He often engages his followers in military-style training to achieve the highest intensity activities and achieve fitness. Justin believes that motivation is the key to achieving physical and mental wellness and quitting should never be an option.

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7. For Fathers Fitness 2.0 App by Alim Shabazz

Alim Shabazz created this app after his 20 years of experience as a professional athlete. Alim has continued to help other people transform their lives by living healthier lifestyles. He understands what it takes to succeed in the world of fitness and he optimizes his app to achieve this.

8. FitFit University App by Karim Abdullah

Karim Abdullah’s motivation for creating FitFit is that fitness can be achieved just anywhere. His app helps individuals of different backgrounds- beginners and professionals.

9. Body by Chef App by Yadiyah Letellier

Yadiyah is a professional chef from Brookly, NY and he now uses are culinary skills to help people keep fit by eating healthy on his Body by Chef app. He believes a balanced diet doesn’t have to be bland hence he teaches ways to create healthy and flavorful meals on a low budget and at the same time add an active lifestyle to achieve the best fitness results.

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