Amandla Stenberg

Living the Dream: Profiles of Successful Black Millennials

Discover the stories of successful Black millennials shaping the future. From activism to innovation, learn about their remarkable achievements.


Feb. 20 2024, Published 1:00 p.m. ET

While success is subjective and can be defined differently, many Black millennials have achieved notable accomplishments in their respective fields. For Black millennials, making an impact today is vital to shaping a more equitable future. This generation bridges the wisdom of past civil rights triumphs and the innovative potential of modern activism. Their influence in technology, social media, and popular culture propels progress, ensuring that their communities are heard, valued, and included in crafting policies and societal norms.

The obstacles Black indicviduals face are numerous and quite huge. This was noted by Investopedia: "America's Black population faces barriers to success in numerous arenas—from racial wage and racial wealth gaps, which limit their earnings and ability to accumulate wealth, to higher amounts of student loan debt and racial bias in medical care, which can have long-lasting effects on financial and physical well-being." But there are those in the Black Community who have overcome the odds and turned the table on the sterytopical situations. Here are profiles of a few successful Black millennials across different domains.

Amandla Stenberg

The 25-year-old actress and activist gained widespread recognition for her role as Rue in "The Hunger Games." She is an outspoken activist on issues such as racial and gender inequality, using her platform to raise awareness and promote positive change. She was included in Time's list of Most Influential Teens in both 2015 and 2016, and has received several accolades, including a Teen Choice Award, an NAACP Image Award, and nominations for four Black Reel Awards and a Critics' Choice Award.

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John Boyega

Boyega rose to prominence in his native United Kingdom in 2011 playing the role of Moses in the sci-fi comedy Attack the Block. With several other roles under his belt, Boyega came to global acclaim and international recognition for his work as Finn in the seventh film of the Star Wars series. Now also a producer, John has successfully advocated for diversity in the film industry, giving voices to more Black actors and writers in the film genre. Boyega has produced several projects that highlight underrepresented voices and Black culture and influences.

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Issa Rae

After writing for the YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl, the 39-year-old writer, actress, and producer garnered global recognition. The actress, producer, and writer has created and starred in the critically acclaimed HBO series "Insecure,"from 2016-2021. This show portrays the realities of Black people and general living experiences in modern society fm a perspective that is not normally utilized. Issa has pioneered the creation of content that reflects a more diverse and authentic portrayal of Black characters.

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Tristan Walker

Finding inspiration from his shaving experiences, Tristan established his company, Walker & Company Brands, at 30. The company develops health and beauty products for people of color, which are not readily available in the market. The company has since merged with Procter & Gamble, making him the first Black CEO under the P&G umbrella. Walker is also a board member for Shake Shack and Foot Locker. He has been a vocal advocate for diversity in the tech industry, addressing the unique needs of underserved communities.

Simone Biles

Since her Olypic debut in 2016, Simone has won 30 world medals and 23 gold medals, surpassing Vitaly’s record of 23 World medals. Simone Biles is an Olympic gold medalist and one of the most decorated gymnasts in history worldwide. In 2022, Joe Biden awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom and many influential people have spoken highly about her accomplishments and her impact on the Black Community. Simone has been a trailblazer in the sport, breaking records and challenging stereotypes about gymnastics.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates

Coates attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., for five years studying journalism but left before completing his degree.The renowned author gained global acclaim after publishing his first piece for The Atlantic. Coates is also known for his work on African-American culture and history, as explored in his book "Between the World and Me," which received critical acclaim and won several awards. His works and writing are continuing to give voice to other Blacks in the community today.

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Aja Brown

Aja Brown made history as the youngest mayor of Compton, California and she hel the posion from 2013 to 2021. She won the election by defeating both incumbent mayor Eric J. Perrodin and former mayor Omar Bradley. At only 31 years old, she became the first female mayor of Compton and served two terms. She has been dedicated to revitalizing the city and addressing gang violence and economic development and has been an active and vocal member of the Democratic Party.

Amanda Gorman

Gorman’s work gained widespread recognition after she recited the poem, The Hill We Climb, during the 2021 inauguration of President Joe Biden. She is also the recipient of the Poets & Writers Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award, and as a member of the 826 National, Amanda also serves as a board member for the largest youth writing network in the United States. Having earned the title of the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate, she has since become a powerful voice for social justice and equality.

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Morgan DeBaun

The 33-year-old corporate advisor and serial entrepreneur has made significant milestones at a young age. She is the CEO of Blavity Inc., a digital media company for Black millennials that allows them to share their stories and achievements. DeBaun acts as an advisor tobig name companies that include the likes of Pepsi Co., American Airlines, CES, and other businesses. She is also an investor in Golde, Ness, Boxed Up and Public further ensuring th Black voice is not lost and is heard in the discussion of businesses and marketing growth today.

Successful Black Millennials With Significant Impact in Society

These profiles represent just a tiny fraction of the many successful Black millennials who have made significant contributions in various fields. Their achievements inspire and prove the diverse talents and accomplishments within the Black community. By leading in entrepreneurship, politics, and creative industries, Black millennials redefine leadership and success, creating role models for younger generations and dismantling systemic barriers that have persisted for too long. Their impact not only challenges existing disparities but also lays the groundwork for sustained change and empowerment within the Black community and society at large.

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