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Top 10 Black Innovators in Tech Who Are Changing the Game

Discover the top Black innovators in tech changing the game with their groundbreaking contributions. Find inspiration from leaders reshaping tech!


Dec. 22 2023, Published 3:38 p.m. ET

The universe is abuzz with excitement as technology continues to transform the world as we know it. With continuous change and improvement across generations, innovations are the name of the game for Black gurus and inventors. During this day and age, a growing inclusion of historically underrepresented people of color in the tech industry continues to emerge.

Among these trailblazers, Black men and women distinguish themselves by making their place on the technology game board while dismantling barriers within the tech realm. Tech is the way of the future and those who do not get on board and embrace it are doomed to be left in the dust as the world advances without them.

Today, we are going to look at 10 Black innovators who are changing the world with their tech geniuses!

Notable Black Techies in the Last Two Decades

Over the last 20 years, extraordinary Black technology innovators have risen to notoriety, accenting their technical abilities and reshaping how society views what a tech guru looks like. Black faces in technology are common around the world and prove that technology has no color.

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1. Omowunmi “Wunmi” A. Sadik, Ph.D.: Microelectrode Biosensor Developer

Dr. Sadik is the head professor leading the Chemistry and Environmental Science Department at NJIT. She developed microelectrode biosensors to identify drugs and explosives. Now these biosensors also check for COVID-19 in wastewater, helping communities track infection rates.

2. Marques Brownlee: Technology YouTuber

Marques started his YouTube journey at 15, concentrating on reviewing consumer electronics. Brownlee's channel is the third-most-watched technology platform on YouTube, boasting over 13 million subscribers. Viewers visit his channel for entertaining reviews on the latest gadgets and tech insights.

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3. Saron Yitbarek: Technology Podcast Host

Saron, a developer and founder of CodeNewbie, leads a friendly community for coders and coding fans. It all started with a Twitter chat and grew into a podcast where she talks to techies at different skill levels – from beginners to tech leaders. This is technology at its finest and most impactful.

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4. Lonnie G. Johnson: Inventor & Aerospace Engineer

Mr. Johnson's contributions to tech include projects for the Air Force and NASA, including work on the Galileo mission to Jupiter and the stealth bomber program as an aerospace engineer. As an entrepreneur, he also invented two popular children’s toys – the Nerf Gun and Super Soaker.

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5. Regina Gwynn: Tech Start-up Founder

Regina co-founded Black Women Talk Tech and TresseNoire, a virtual beauty assistant designed to highlight the natural beauty of Black women.

The platform educates women of color on the most suitable natural hair products for their hair type and links them with skilled stylists.

6. Fey Ijaware: Web & Android Developer

Fey, also known as Fey Agape works as a software developer, focusing on web and Android development. She started Code Possible, a platform for developers to learn software development and CodeAndStuff. This innovative platform is a community for women and non-binary developers in Manchester.

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7. Stacy Brown-Philpot: Consumer Technology Leader

Stacy Brown-Philpot has more than 15 years of experience in consumer technology. She's led growth and scale efforts for large and small businesses in the digital economy, such as Google Search, Google Chrome, and Google+. She was also the former CEO of TaskRabbit and played a role in its acquisition by IKEA Group.

8. Jessica O. Matthews: Technology Inventor

At 19, Jessica Matthews kicked off her career by creating the SOCCKET, a soccer ball that generates energy as you play. It turns playtime into power for various devices. Her work centers on blending game-changing tech, clean energy, and human action. She also founded Uncharted Power to further her focus.

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9. Neil Jones: Digital Game Developer

Neil Jones, through his Aerial Knight gaming screen name, released his debut game, Never Yield. The 3D side-scrolling runner features a Black protagonist navigating a futuristic Detroit. It hit major platforms in May 2020. Jones is a notable figure in contemporary Black gaming history.

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10. Charley Moore: Founder of Rocket Lawyer

Charley Moore, while employed as a business attorney for tech firms like early-stage Yahoo, noticed a gap in the market and founded Rocket Lawyer. Now, with nearly 400 employees and $100 million in sales, Rocket Lawyer has helped over 30 million people with easy-to-access legal information.

Black Tech Innovators and Their Impact on the Industry

Black tech innovators significantly impact the tech space and pave the way for our future. They introduce fresh ideas and solutions that make life easier with innovation. Their contributions advance technology and promote diversity, inspiring future innovators.

Within the Black community innovators and tech gurus are revolutionizing the game in amazing ways. Recognizing and valuing Black Innovator's influence is crucial for a more inclusive and vibrant tech community.

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