Algee Smith

Algee Smith has come into Music with a Bang!

Witness Algee Smith's electrifying journey from the "New Edition Story" to a music sensation and how he's melding film and rhythm in his artistic evolution.


Dec. 9 2023, Published 10:29 p.m. ET

The young man that came on to the scene playing iconic characters such as Ralph Tresvant in the “New Edition Story,” that was such a breakout moment for his transition into music. The actor has brought authentic acting to the scene of film and music. He only gets better and better with the music transition. Algee has been involved with writing his own music since the age of nine years old. “ I’m working really hard on the music side to get people to just understand me more.” he says in a 2018 interview with Moran The Man. He has always had the support of his family to help him stand in his own individuality being a music artist. Can we please get some more of the Euphoria actor? Preparation gave him the tools he needed to keep going in the industry.

Time and a Plan: Break Roles “New Edition Story”

Algee left us mesmerized in his breakout role of playing lead singer Ralph Tresvant in the New Edition Story. His skills, presence, and ability to bring us into his performance world made us feel like we were back at a concert or in that studio recording with the entire group. “We had an 8-hour long audition, we had to sing.” He brought out his talents by singing, dancing, and personality. The actor turned singer is no stranger to music, music was in his family. He has always been able to display that through his breakout film. The role not only introduced us to Algee Smith but brought another generational audience that had never heard of the group. His powerful performance skills allowed is to see him for not just an actor but a music artist. Can we say, “Triple Threat.”

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Music Transition: Algee Smith bringing Music to Life

Algee Smith film “Young. Wild. Free” song was accepted into the Sundance festival; he has been able to show his acting and musical skills in films. Celebrating his success in bringing his songs to one of his films as well! Bringing out his personality while being brave enough to try new endeavors from the music scene. Algee loves to sing RB music. From songs such as “She Say” to “All girls matter” he continues to sing upbeat songs that have vibes, beats, and energy. The star has proven that he can transition from film to music and to music to films still giving the audiences what they want, Algee Smith. Algee has become regular on the hit show Euphoria that has given his creativity even more ways to shine. “ I’m working in the studio right now to be on second season, I feel now that I know the scope of how the season and how the show is and being able to hear the great music, “It think that was on this last season we know what to gun for what to give it now,” says Smith. The artist loves that he can show his music talent. Going back to his roots he feels comfortable in his zone with being connected to the culture. His music hit song “ All girls matter” has been able to align with his own music. Always remaining true to his music roots giving energy.

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When you see the actor in a music video, he makes you believe in romance, believe in love in how he loves on the woman doubting herself as well as the woman uplifting herself with his strong presence. Always a positive spirit that exhilarates through the films and music.

Next Journey for Algee Smith

Music, Music, and more music from Algee Smith! He is embracing more of himself with preparation of more music releases. The new artist has been on social media in the studio recording more music bringing his upbeat music of love. I am sure he will send us off with something right before and after the year ends, until then the star has our attention with his sultry voice. “My hustle has to maximize to get my name out there on the music artist as well and I have to work just as hard as the machine pushing me on the acting side.” Bring it Algee! As he continues to grow into a strong artist 2024 is going to be a year, we will be looking for hits from the actor called Algee Smith and that beautiful smile he has!

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