Meet four emerging LGBTQ+ Music Artists

Unapologetically themselves, these four rising queer artists are redefining the music industry with their unique styles and fearless storytelling. Their raw talent captivates audiences, becoming a symbol of empowerment and acceptance to all who listen.


Jul. 1 2024, Updated 10:30 a.m. ET


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Introducing LA-based emerging talent, Chant God. His latest release, "Waves Over Water," is making ripples in the music industry with its infectious energy and uplifting melody. With bold lyrics like “If it is loving that you want, I got it here with me,” and “Here’s where you want to be,” the song serves as a reassuring anthem during the quest for love. Chant God’s passionate tracks, including “Feel Love” and “Come Find Me” dive into intimate tales of love, leaving a lasting impression with their touching lyrics.

His rap skills shine in his latest collaboration with Noel Niks, an androgynous rapper, on “D-Low.” This impactful storytelling, set to a smooth beat, delves into the experience of concealing a relationship with impactful lines like, "when she’s here, call me bro”. Chant God’s latest releases offer a glimpse of the artist’s future and what listeners can look forward to.


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This alternative artist is poised to make their mark on the music industry. Cello/Phn’s music offers a unique and soothing tune. His reflective lyrics and calming vibe invite listeners into an introspective experience. In his single “See Me,” Cello/Phn takes listeners on an emotional journey. The song explores the unwavering love and support one is willing to provide, offering a reflection on the complexities of relationships and the human experience. His stylistic choices elevate the storytelling, infusing each emotional lyric with depth and resonance.

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His recent release version of “Idle Minds,” for example, features a groovy, indie-style groove intertwines seamlessly with captivating guitar melodies, keeps listeners tuned in with every impassioned verse. And, that’s just the beginning. With a teaser dropped in March, hinting at future projects, there’s much more in store.



Meet Damez, hailed as Atlanta’s next big sensation, seamlessly merging a spectrum of genres from hip-hop to R&B. With his magnetic presence and undeniable flair, he crafts electrifying beats that set him apart from the crowd. His recent release, “Kung Fu”, showcases his unique authenticity. With each razor-sharp lyric and infectious beat, the Black, queer hip-hop artist fearlessly pushes the boundaries, even intertwining politics and his identity into his music. His craft and authentic storytelling can be seen in hits like “Hell Now, Heaven Later” and “Introspection”.

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"I get a lot of younger people in the LGBTQ+ community who reach out to tell me how much I've inspired them to be themselves and live in their truths," Damez said in a 2020 interview with OUT Magazine. "How they didn't have anyone to look up to before me”. Damez is among a growing number of artists transcending the boundaries and paving the wave for younger generations with each new release.



Sevndeep’s rap style is a fusion of boldness, confidence and sensuality that translates into a empowering listening experience. His bold lyrics and charismatic delivery create a fierce vibe, leaving you feeling like you can conquer anything in your way. Whether the self-proclaimed sex symbol explores themes of sexuality, empowerment or self-love, Sevndeep’s music exudes a sense of self-assuredness that’s infectious. His lyrics are unapologetically provocative while exploring these themes. With tracks like “Break My Back,” “Hips,” and “Maneater,” he crafts beats that will capture the attention of any listener.

His ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop elements with his own queer experiences is on full display on his latest album, “All Tea. All Shade.” His music is a celebration of sexuality, identity and empowerment. And, tracks like “I Luv You,” which is on his latest album showcase his versatility as an artist. And his commitment to the LGBTQ+ community is evident in a recent tweet, dedicating a remix of the hit “Bongos” to the “butch queens.”

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