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Photo Credits: Maurice Holloway

Major Myjah: By Your Side

Explore the journey and authenticity of singer-songwriter Major Myjah as he opens up about his latest single 'By Your Side,' and the evolution of his music.


Mar. 26 2024, Updated 10:17 a.m. ET

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Photo Credits: Maurice Holloway

I conversed with the multi-talented artist Major Myjah on a Friday afternoon in February. We were gearing up to conduct an interview, which would be the basis of this article you are reading. As this will be our first meeting, I prepared for our conversation by scouring the internet to find previous interviews from the serial hitmaker. I saw one video clip on YouTube that mainly stuck out to me. I know the word vibe gets used a lot, so let's say there is a certain buzz or aura Major presents. With that, I was excited about our conversation, and though our interview was conducted via Zoom call, on opposite sides of the country; me being based in D.C. and Major in bustling Los Angeles, his personality still shined through, making the conversation flow seamlessly as if it was conducted in the same space. This can be attributed to his authenticity, a virtue Major champions. This exact authenticity and honesty has helped him become a sought-after collaborator among some of the biggest names in the industry, penning hits people can relate to for not only others but himself.

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“I’ve been an artist my whole life. When you create good art, people want it, people want to f**k with you.”- Major Myjah

Major’s latest offering, “By Your Side,” hit the airways on January 24th. The release of By Your Side marked a significant moment in Major's career as fans highly anticipated his return to music after a hiatus. The single finds Major crooning over a smooth R&B-influenced track. Drawing from personal experiences, Major pens emotions navigating an ebb and flow relationship.

“My ex will tell you that I’m better at communicating my feelings and emotions through my music than talking directly to them”.

The track finds the Jamaican-American rising artist back to his signature melodic style as he paves a new path in his musical journey. Major is stepping out from behind the scenes as an accomplished writer and producer, earning credits working with artists like Chris Brown, Usher, Ro James, and Rotimi.

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As Major Myjah candidly shared his insights, it became evident that his journey in the music industry has been one of steady and organic rebuilding. Anticipation has been mounting among his close listeners and supporters, eagerly awaiting the drop of his latest music- a testament to the connection he has fostered with his audience over the years.

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When I go to play, I play to win,” Major Myjah remarked, likening the experience of being an artist to sports athletes. He explained that just like a sports team, an artist needs to ensure all the correct pieces are in place. This explained why he had spent some time away from releasing music. Like a sports team, it is crucial for an artist's success to assemble the right team around them. Individuals whom Major proclaims must be "warriors" ready to step into this entertainment industry arena. In sports, success is judged by wins and losses and championships won. In music, barometers for success include chart positions and sales. Major acknowledges that his goal is to have a single of his own to chart. Still, the Grammy-nominated songwriter also understands that success is not merely about accolades or chart positions. He views another component of success as the fulfillment derived from the creative process itself. It's about embracing the journey and finding joy in the culmination of hard work and dedication.

Major Myjah credits many external factors influencing his sound and style. The son of dancehall icon Bounty Killer, it's no surprise that Major was a musical child prodigy. He has resided in various influential cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Major proclaims every place has shaped him in some way.

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Photo Credits: Maurice Holloway

“Miami is where I originated; it’s where my family and friends are. That’s where the person that is in me became that person. L.A. helped me see that my dreams are right before me; I can walk outside and see the people I sought after my whole life. And Atlanta is where I learned to hustle”.

As Major Myjah embarks on this new career chapter, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of introspection and connection. "By Your Side" reminds us that true artistry lies in authenticity- a sentiment that resonates with his fans. "My music has gotten more honest about who I am," Major confessed, reflecting on the evolution of his artistry. No longer relying solely on drawing inspiration from other’s stories. He now draws deeply from personal experiences, infusing his music with raw emotion and authenticity. With a growing catalog and a commitment to staying true to himself, Major Myjah is poised to continue to ascend to new heights of success.

“My music has gotten more honest about who I am” -Major Myjah

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